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Advice from experts in the wedding industry


An invitation or save the date for a future wedding in your was up or mail box can be one of the most exciting things to anticipate. Weddings, more often than not, are an opportunity to eat good food, dance besides old friends and make new ones too. In addition, its the celebration of two people in your life who have found love within one another and promise to stay together for a lifetime. So being in your best behavior as a wedding guest is crucial not only for your reputation but also as a sign of respect to your loved one. We, did our research and found out some of the common mistakes that wedding guests do in weddings:

1. Wearing White
Even if you think its okay and think that you look better in the colour, unless its the theme of the wedding or the bride says so, wearing white to a wedding is a no no. Let the bride sparkle in white while you wear any other dress just to be safe.
2. Not Giving A Gift
I know times are hard and the economy is tough but its courtesy to at least go with a gift even just a card. Your card will mean something to them and they will cherish it for the rest of their lives.
3. Chatting During the Ceremony
As excited as you may be during the ceremony because of meeting old friends or making new ones, it is wise and respectful to refrain from chatting.
4. Taking Flash Photography
Dont compete with the official photographers when it comes to taking photography kindly make way for them. Those photos are the only memory that couples have so as a matter of respect, let the photographers take the best photos possible.

5. Taking Shots Before the Ceremony
Kindly dont be drunk before the ceremony even if you are a renowned party animal. Save the best for last as in most weddings couples have an open bar in the evenings.
6. Wearing Jeans
Even if the wedding invitation says it is not a black tie event, kindly do not wear jeans in any wedding.
7. Getting Competitive About the Bouquet Toss
The bouquet tossing time should is a fun time where singles get to catch the bouquet and hope that their wedding will be the next one. However, don’t get too competitive and avoid elbowing people around you and pushing them away. Remember, its never that serious!
8. Giving An Unplanned Speech

If you want to speak at the wedding, chat with the couple beforehand, but keep in mind that they may not want guests to think it’s an open mic kind of night and have speeches drag on for a good chunk of the reception. Just because there’s a microphone at the party, doesn’t mean you have permission to use it.
9. Texting the Bride

Can you imagine how many texts and calls the bride gets the day before and during the wedding? If you can, kindly avoid bringing in pressure and hold your peace till afterwards.
10. Bringing an Uninvited Plus-One
If you weren’t told you could bring someone to the wedding, know that you have to fly solo. An uninvited guest is an extra plate, which means an extra cost to the couple.
11. Not Introducing Yourself to the People at Your Table
Be sure to say hello to them when you sit down. You were placed at that table for a reason so chances are you have something in common with the people around you.
12. Comparing/Criticizing the Details
If you didnt contribute in making the wedding happen, kindly dont say anything negative about the occasion. Bring in positive vibe.

Eliminate your fears and doubts about bride fitness

What’s your ultimate inspiration for getting fit and healthy as a bride? To some, it’s the engagement while others, it’s the imagination of how they will look on the wedding day and after it. Many brides out there have divergent opinions on why they want to be fit within the time they have.

Although being fit is ideal for everyone, you might have certain fears and doubts about it. That may make you fail to achieve your goal.

The truth is that being fit before the great day and remaining better after that is crucial for you. It will make you look great and admire yourself. Your self-esteem will also get a boost.

We were lucky to have a session with Coach George Oluoch, a fitness, and nutrition expert. He shared vital information about the topic. Read on to find out from the subsequent sections.

Which factors inspire brides to be fit?

Here are some of the reasons why brides aim at being in their best shape.


Everyone has got that person they mostly look up to. They can be their role model or just a friend who influences most of their actions. They always want to do what they do and even sacrifice to undergo the processes involved to achieve their goal.

That also applies to bride fitness. According to Coach George, many people’s fitness routines gets influenced by others. Another person’s fitness routine might inspire you to the extent of copying them. Also, the results achieved by them after their fitness strategy has worked out may encourage you to have a plan.

What you consume on the internet also plays a role. If you read fitness articles online alongside watching fitness-related videos, you will get motivated to start working out.

Need for a reference

How do you feel when you look at the image you took years ago and realize you were in good shape? You will admire them and even want to show them to your friends. The presence of social media platforms will also allow you to share them with the world.

That’s how good it feels when you are in the perfect shape you have been desiring. George asserts that the urge to look at your image in the future and see how good you looked might also motivate you to work out.

Weddings and other events associated with it can’t miss a photographer. The imagination of taking a photo in good shape will encourage you to set a fitness routine. You will want to get it right both in body shape and fitness. Joining a fitness program within the time will be a good way of fulfilling your desires.

Need to fit dream dress

We all have that dress that we always admire. Maybe it’s the latest trend you saw in town or just a unique designer outfit. How would you feel when you realize that it does not fit you anymore? 

Many people get disappointed when they realize they can’t put on an outfit they have admired for a long time, especially after spending their money on them. It is a piece of bad news that no one desires.

As such, they plan to get over the disappointments by having a fitness plan. Probably that is also your situation. Joining a fitness program will be an idea worth pursuing. You can also have your DIY plan without joining any costly programs and still make it.

Body goals

Everyone has a body goal they want to achieve. To make them realistic, they have to work consistently and remain positive. The same applies to bridal fitness and wellness. You may also not want to maintain your current body shape.

The urge to appear a certain way at a particular stage will make you set a fitness goal. It might be long-term or short-term. But, it must help you achieve your body goal.

Here are the reasons you might fail to achieve your fitness goal

It’s easy to set a fitness goal. However, achieving it might not be possible for some people. From our session with Coach George, we realized that the following are some of the reasons why you might fail to achieve yours.

Not setting goals properly

It is always ideal to set smart goals than just setting general ones. To develop better goals, define them and know the exact things you want to achieve. For instance, when creating a fitness goal. Be specific with what you want to achieve. 

Sadly, most of us fail because we don’t know much about fitness and tend to generalize the idea. Setting general goals such as “to lose weight” or to “get in shape” in most cases become unachievable.

That keeps you away from following the right processes towards achieving your goals, thus giving up on the way. The goals are also general, making it difficult for you to measure whether you have attained them or not. It will make you lose interest in the long run and get back to your old ways of life.

Undefined deadlines

There is a saying that “what gets measured gets accomplished,” and of course, it’s the reality. If you set a goal but fail to set specific deadlines, you will only dream of achieving it and fail in the process.

If you have deadlines, you will have a sense of urgency in your undertakings. Most brides fail to achieve their fitness goals because they don’t have strategic deadlines. Failing to have long-term and short-term deadlines will only make your fitness journey difficult.

Lack of consistency

We all know how good it is to set goals that we can achieve. Surprisingly, we fail to follow through and lose focus midway. It justifies that having a plan is a half accomplished goal. You need to execute them to achieve what you want.

Most of the brides start well with the drive and determination to achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, they get distracted along the way, thus their failure. Get distractions out of the way to achieve your fitness dream.

If you promise yourself to work out at a certain time of the day and you don’t, it will become a habit. That will make you inconsistent along the way hence stopping you from achieving the ultimate goal.

Love for shortcuts

It’s the nature of human beings to desire results by putting in minimum effort. Funnily, the majority of the people yearn to get better results within the shortest time without much effort. As a bride, following shortcuts will make you fail quickly and give up.

You will bump on various products, such as weight loss pills that retail at lower prices. That will  make you stop your workout routine. Unfortunately, you will only end up wasting time and achieve nothing in the end. It’s what has seen the majority of the brides fail in their workout process.

Do the following to achieve your fitness goals

After realizing that you can fail to achieve your fitness goals, you should know what to do to avoid becoming a victim. Here are a few recommendations from our session with coach  George for you.

Focus on your “why”

The initial step to achieving your fitness goals as a bride is knowing why you put in all the effort. Why are you sacrificing your time for the exercises? Are you aiming to look good in your dress as you walk down the aisle?

If you know your why and the answer to it, you will not fail to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Focusing on the why also cuts across knowing yourself. You should be aware of what you can achieve and what you can’t. That way, you will avoid too much pressure that might make you fail.

Your nutrition matters

Energy is power. Without it, achieving any goal might not be possible for you. You must be having a well-balanced diet to attain your fitness goals. Your nutrition is the greatest contributor to your fitness.

It constitutes about 80% of what we do. Therefore, liaise with a nutrition specialist to guide you on walking your fitness journey with the appropriate diet.

Find an accountability partner

If you do not enjoy workouts alone, the thought of going it alone in the next weeks or months may be tedious. 

What if you join a fitness program or find a fitness partner to keep you in check and motivate you? That will encourage you to work out more on your plan and achieve the goals you have set. Getting in touch with a fitness specialist will also help you better plan and guide you on the do’s and don’ts.

Set short term and long-term goals

Don’t just aim for the wedding day alone. Fitness plans should be both short and long-term based. Knowing your major wedding fitness goal will allow you to set other better goals alongside that will help in complementing it. Don’t set goals that you won’t achieve. Just set smart ones.

Fitness remains a vital topic for every bride. You should never be hesitant to start your fitness plan. Work out frequently and remain consistent. You will realize that it is not as sophisticated as you thought.


Considering a wedding photographer? These tips will save your big day

Of all the choices that you will make during wedding planning, no other choice will have a longer lasting implication than that of a photographer. David Macharia, who is known for being the only photographer during former US president Obama’s last Kenyan visit, has shot many weddings and has spent millions investing in his business and training young photographers in the wedding industry. He shares with Samantha’s bridal on the mistakes couples make when choosing a photographer:

  1. Look for a professional: Ensure that you have thoroughly researched on the work that they have done before signing them up to shoot your big day. David gives us a few guidelines on what to look for in a good photographer:
  • Professionalism: Under these, David advises brides to check out whether the photographers can deliver on time. Are they responding to texts, phone calls or emails on time?
  1. Have a list of guests that you want to invite in the wedding. This is significant as it assists in knowing the different kind of shots that you will have.
  2. Allow your photographer to his/her job despite the fact that you may have many ideas running through your head.
  3. Ensure that you choose advice as not every one who gives it to you understands your big day or means well.
  4. When choosing an album for your wedding photos, understand that not all of them will fit in one album.

Under albums also, David advises brides to check their quality and choose an album that will last for generations to come.

  1. Always have a pre -wedding shoot to get acquainted with your photographer and to know which shots you will do on your big day.
  2. As for wedding planners, David’s advice is that they should have a list of photographers who can handle various wedding themes. Each photographer is unique with a special skill for handling specific wedding themes.

Visit his stand at the Samantha’s Bridal Fair where he will give you more advice on photography and you never know..maybe a discount!

Ever wondered how a 3D floral appliqué wedding gowns looks like? Check it out


In the past, flowers were just limited bouquets and centerpieces and were being infused in floral elements into their ranges. However, presently designers are employing them and many brides who are into originality are ordering for them. Whether its appliqués, beads or embroidery, flowers create beautiful romantic textures that will wow your audience on your big day. Whether you opt to go all out with head-to-toe floral or play it safe with a few rose petals, it is certain that the design will give you a look that every guest will remember!

To find out more on 3D floral appliqué wedding gowns and how you can have one perfectly made to suit your body, why don’t you meet her at the Samantha’s bridal Fair from 3rd -5th March? She promises to surprise you with the latest trends as well as give you advice on gowns and what will work for you.

Photos by Ogake bridal


Wondering what to look out for in a wedding decor? Here are 4 vital tips to check out!

Most brides are caught up in the search of a decadent dress, sigh-worthy shoes and forget that they are not the only thing that needs to look magnificent. The decor is important as it  sets the wedding theme as well as sets the pace on what is to be expected on your big day. Decors gives great backdrops not just for your wedding photos but also for your portraits and should be able to blend well with your wedding theme and color. Catherine Nambisia, a highly sought out wedding planner who has been in the wedding industry for 20 years, shares her insight on what couples should consider before choosing the right decor for their wedding:

  1. Know what you want: She advices couples to understanding the theme of their wedding as it will assist them determine the type of décor that will compliment their wedding.
  2. Budget: Catherine feels that couples ought to align their dream to their wedding budget. She believes that the extent of their wedding décor will largely be influenced by what they can afford.

centerpiece white tissue












3. The right wedding décor supplier: Before choosing one, Mrs. Nambisia advices brides on what to look for in a décor person.

  • Know their signature style: Nambisia advices that couples should be conversant with their décor vendor’s signature style. Every person in the décor industry has his or her own niche. Some are great in rustic, opulence or even vintage so choose one who is able to match your wedding theme.
  • Reference: Research and find out what the décor person has done not just through the Internet. Attend a function where they have organized and see their work. Catherine warns couples not to take chances with their décor vendors.
  1. Discuss your color scheme with your wedding planner or décor person in good time. According to Catherine, it is vital that couples understand the indoor and outdoor colors before visiting their décor vendor. She advises that they should opt for silver grey if they are really stuck, as it can work against any backdrop. In addition, colors should be used sparingly and couples ought to understand how they move in space to bring out a desirable outcome.

Curious to find out which celebrity design will become the latest wedding fashion trend? Here’s our prediction!

Throughout history, celebrities have been known to shape and influence fashion trends especially in the wedding industry. For instance, Princess Diana’s ivory silk taffeta and antique lace wedding dress that had a 25-foot (7.62 m) train became one of the most famous dresses in the world. The £9000 gown also managed to influence the wedding fashion as people began to order for large puffed sleeves, a full skirt and “soft touch fabrics”.

princess diana












Kate Middleton wowed the world when she tied the knot to the love of her life, Prince William in a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown. The style featured an ivory lace bodice with long sleeves and a satin skirt that indeed set the stage for bridal as designers tried to offer a similar styles similar to Kate’s. In recent times, Melania Trump, America’s new first lady settled for a white, off-the-shoulder gown designed by Hervé Pierre for the Inaugural Ball. The gown featured a thin red cord at the waist, subtle ruffle detail and thigh-high slit.

kate middleton dress









Nazira Dalla, a wedding fashion expert who once predicted accurately on what Kate Middleton would wear, foresees that the off-shoulder design, which was worn in the 80’s, will become the latest trend in the wedding industry. According to her, off-the-shoulder gowns are timeless, sensual and stylish. They are suitable for a bride who is looking for a sexy yet demure style. It offers a more conservative wedding-day look, and is flattering to a variety of body types.



To find out more about gowns and the latest trends visit her stand at the Samantha’s bridal Fair from 3rd to 5th March.

Do you know the essential questions to discuss with your cake maker? Educate yourself right now

Did you know that other than the bride, the food and the decor, the wedding cake is the other vital centerpiece? The task of choosing a wedding cake that will leave your guests in admiration is a great task, but far too commonly, many brides make the mistakes while choosing one.

Beatrice, the director of sweet inspiration has seen many brides make mistakes while choosing their wedding cakes and having been in business for ten years, she shares with Samantha’s bridal on the pitfalls brides should avoid:

  1. Most brides look at the cake as the last item during wedding planning. The wedding cake is deemed as the centerpiece of your reception hence just as any other item; a lot of care should be taken when choosing a baker or the cake design.
  2. Not paying proper attention to colors: In this case, as Beatrice puts it, the bride is not always right! In case you have two strong colors, it is wise to settle for white as the backdrop like green and burgundy.
  • Beatrice advises too that the bride can settle to play around with different shades of color and allow the baker to be creative.
  1. Fresh flowers do not belong on cakes: Most cake decorators are ecstatic when a client actually asks for sugar flowers. As a cake decorator, Beatrice advises that fresh flowers are toxic and contain poisonous flowers that can seep from the flowers and into the cake. Symptoms of ingesting poisonous flowers are not pleasant. They include pain in the mouth, upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, and possibly even a trip to the hospital.
  2. Having one flavor: It is vital to include your guest’s taste buds when instead of settling for one common option. Beatrice advises that brides should consider the dietary needs of their guests; there those who can’t take sugar or those who are from the older generation who prefer to take fruit cake than other flavors.
  • Again, caution should be taken not to have too many flavors will stretch your budget, overwhelm your guests, and make serving a headache. If you’re looking to offer up options, consider cupcakes or a serve-yourself dessert bar instead of a large tiered cake.
  • Also, a weird combo can ruin your wedding hence be careful to choose flavors that go together.
  1. Having a friend or relative bake your wedding cake: Always use an experienced baker to bake your cake. Beatrice says that a bride should be informed on the kind of cake she wants and know that every baker has his or her own specialty. There are those who can bake but can’t design and vice versa. Brides should ensure that they call two or three friends and find out what the baker they have picked on have done and also visit their place of work and see them in action.
  • Beatrice does not discourage brides who have friends or family members who are experienced in baking cakes. She just wants them to beware of those who claim to know what they are doing and in the end really don’t.
  • Contract: Most brides forget to communicate their desires in the contract or some don’t sign at all. Beatrice advice that the contract ought to be a win win affair between the bride and the baker and the contract ought to stipulate their expectations. If possible have a photo on the cake design agreed on and have those in charge of your wedding understand the agreement to follow up.
  • Cake tasting: Make sure you taste your cake to avoid surprises on your big day. Always have someone who is an expert in cakes to check out the freshness and whether it’s the agreed flavor.
  • The set-up: Always ensure that your baker works with the florist or your decor supplier to compliment the general design.
  • Beatrice Kagondu of Sweet Inspirations will be there at the Samantha’s Bridal Fair answering all your questions concerning cake so plan to attend from 3rd to 5th March!! See you there!

Ever been curious to find out the real cost of wedding cakes & why their prices are so different?Read here for more details

To answer that question, I think we need to first discuss wedding cake pricing. Most bakeries will price their wedding cakes at a per serving cost ie the number of people you intend to serve. So, for example, you may see that their wedding cakes are Ksh40/serving or Ksh100/serving. And a serving equals a person. Other bakeries will price their wedding cakes based on the size of the cake. So, for example, you may see that a 3 tiered round cake (6″, 8″ and 10″), is Ksh 35000. While these are two different ways of pricing, they are really the same. The price you see for the particular sized cake is based off of the number of servings you can get. So, essentially it’s all based on your guest count and the number of servings you need. Now, the cost of the wedding cake is a combination of a few different items;

  • First, you have the ingredients and the quality of those ingredients.
  • Then there is the labor, the actual time it takes to make it.
  • Then the craftsmanship of your baker and the artistry and design they bring to it.
  • Then, of course, comes the freshness and the taste.
  • And lastly, the customer service, how you are treated and what your experience is like.

So, the answers to your questions are one in the same. All of these items play a factor into that price per serving cost. So, the price will differ depending on the level and quality of those items. How much a wedding cake costs depends on what is important to you about that cake. If the design is important to you, you’ll be paying for their skill. If you want local, organic ingredients, you’ll be paying for that. When you’re looking at different companies, it’s hard to do an apples to apples comparison as you won’t have the information on many of those factors. But, know that a cheaper baker is cheaper for a reason. It might be because they are newer or because their cakes aren’t as fresh or because they only do really simple cakes with little design. And there isn’t anything wrong with those things. You just have to understand what you want and what is important to you about the wedding cake. Then you’ll know what you’re comfortable with and can go with the baker that makes most sense for you.

You know when you go shopping and you find an item you like and then you think, how much is this supposed to cost? You have some doubt and hesitation.   You like it but, you’re not quite sure if it is worth it. And it’s because you have nothing to compare it to. It might be a great price or be totally overpriced. It’s all relative. But, once you understand that cost, you can make a decision on whether it is worth it to you or not. This same situation can apply to purchasing a notebook, a couch, a laptop, a T-shirt or your wedding cake. So, How much do wedding cakes cost? Find out in this post and interview with Beatrice from sweet inspirations. Q&A so that you can make a decision on what is worth it to you.  Click here to read the answer and find out why there is such a big a difference in cake pricing . Happy planning


Do you have fears buying a custom made gown?..Fashion designer Ogake explains why you shouldn’t

ogake custom 1















Photos from Ogake bridal

What comes into your mind when you think of a custom made gown? Well, to many, it may look like an unobtainable luxury, the preserve of the people with money as well as the extravagant brides who won’t mind going beyond their means once in a while. In the past, and this is during our grandparents time, handmade clothing was not so unusual. It would either be home-stitched or bought from a local seamstress. In comparison to an off-the-rack gown, a custom-made gown, or a  Made-to-Measure (MTM) or bespoke gown is one that is made according to the bride’s specific measurements, design and requirements. The gown undergoes the whole design process taking anything from a week (pushing it) to a year, as you wait. An off-the-rack gown can also be referred to as ready-to-wear (RTW). It is made before purchase/order, and can either be bought online or from a local boutique. Off-the-rack gowns can also be rented. Companies plan their collections and production ahead of the season, and you choose from the existing styles.

Ogake Mosomi, an accomplished bridal wear designer who was voted the people’s choice for the FAFA Emerging designers Award in 2012 is one of those designers. She holds an impressive record, having dressed various celebrities like Wahu and Sauti Sol and her pieces have been worn at various corporate launches like Samsung, Lux and others. During an interview with Samantha’s bridal, Ogake explains how with technology and a bit of creative design have made it easy for the creative bride to be able to have a custom made gown designed according to her design.

Here are some of the misconceptions she gives of custom gowns:

  1. People assume that it is cheap. It is not as materials have to be outsourced at times and it takes a lot of time for everything to be done based on what the bride desires.
  2. Locally made gowns are not good quality: According to Ogake, fashion designers in Kenya are making effort to ensure that the quality of the trims, fabric as well as finishing is great hence brides should not be scared

To find out more on custom gowns and how you can have one perfectly made to suit your body, why don’t you meet her at the Samantha’s bridal Fair from 3rd -5th March? She promises to surprise you with the latest trends as well as give you advice on gowns and what will work for you.


Twitter: Ogake
0732219292 to book an appointment with her

A SPA experience for any bride

Our Director, Dr. Catherine Masitsa-Rosza had booked this appointment for us a week in advance – a day at the spa. High in spirits, at 10a.m we make our way to Total Woman Spa located on the first floor of Adam’s Arcade Shopping mall. We are greeted at the door by a lovely looking lass in white. As we venture inside the parlor with its blue painted walls and crisp white furniture: tables, chairs working tops, it’s an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Janet, the Spa owner greets us with a warm smile and warm conversation as and hands us over to her attendants and the pampering begins.


First, we are treated to a sugar scrub with mint, and its heaven! The skin-penetrating effect of mint and the sugar on the hands is really soothing. The sugar-based exfoliating treatment makes quick work of dull, dry skin and ragged cuticles to give even to the most mani-deprived hands a taste of soft, smooth, spa manicure perfection–in just one minute. Ask for it when you visit the spa sometime.


This was followed by the paraffin manicure, and no, there was no paraffin smelling chemicals involved.  It is actually a beauty treatment for the hands that combines nail polishing and buffing with skin softening and moisturizing. While most standard manicures focus only on the fingernails where Manicurists rub lotion into the fingers or provide brief palm massages, to increase blood flow into the fingers, which can help nail enamel adhere; paraffin manicures involves the entire hand being dipped in paraffin wax (this is where it derives its name from) either before or after the nails are polished, in order to seal in softness and moisture. The wax is usually left on the skin for some time, usually between five minutes and half an hour. When it is removed, the skin will typically feel silky soft, and the hands are refreshed and revitalized. Paraffin Manicure focuses on the health of the whole hand and ultimate relaxation is usually the goal. The incorporation of the wax is typically considered a luxury, and this sort of manicure is usually among the more expensive offerings at salons and spas.



Oh did I mention the tea and biscuits, the whole time we were getting the manicure? It really is thoughtful service.

Our hands look dapper, we make our way to the pedicure station complete with an all-white leather Robotic Massage Chair, with a  full back and seat massage remote controlled by, you guessed it, you! The jet massage tub is exhilarating as the warm foamy pedicure bath massages the feet and toes. The lovely ladies work on our feet scrubbing, exfoliating and all manner of pleasantries and the result –soft, radiant feet, red painted toes that your significant other can eat grapes from. *wink*wink. A treat that every bride-to-be must have. Better still add it to your monthly bucket list.

Finally, we make our way to our private rooms each for a facial, massage and waxing. By the time we are done, its five o’clock, and we have to leave the pleasant indulgence.

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