Do you know the essential questions to discuss with your cake maker? Educate yourself right now

Did you know that other than the bride, the food and the decor, the wedding cake is the other vital centerpiece? The task of choosing a wedding cake that will leave your guests in admiration is a great task, but far too commonly, many brides make the mistakes while choosing one.

Beatrice, the director of sweet inspiration has seen many brides make mistakes while choosing their wedding cakes and having been in business for ten years, she shares with Samantha’s bridal on the pitfalls brides should avoid:

  1. Most brides look at the cake as the last item during wedding planning. The wedding cake is deemed as the centerpiece of your reception hence just as any other item; a lot of care should be taken when choosing a baker or the cake design.
  2. Not paying proper attention to colors: In this case, as Beatrice puts it, the bride is not always right! In case you have two strong colors, it is wise to settle for white as the backdrop like green and burgundy.
  • Beatrice advises too that the bride can settle to play around with different shades of color and allow the baker to be creative.
  1. Fresh flowers do not belong on cakes: Most cake decorators are ecstatic when a client actually asks for sugar flowers. As a cake decorator, Beatrice advises that fresh flowers are toxic and contain poisonous flowers that can seep from the flowers and into the cake. Symptoms of ingesting poisonous flowers are not pleasant. They include pain in the mouth, upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, and possibly even a trip to the hospital.
  2. Having one flavor: It is vital to include your guest’s taste buds when instead of settling for one common option. Beatrice advises that brides should consider the dietary needs of their guests; there those who can’t take sugar or those who are from the older generation who prefer to take fruit cake than other flavors.
  • Again, caution should be taken not to have too many flavors will stretch your budget, overwhelm your guests, and make serving a headache. If you’re looking to offer up options, consider cupcakes or a serve-yourself dessert bar instead of a large tiered cake.
  • Also, a weird combo can ruin your wedding hence be careful to choose flavors that go together.
  1. Having a friend or relative bake your wedding cake: Always use an experienced baker to bake your cake. Beatrice says that a bride should be informed on the kind of cake she wants and know that every baker has his or her own specialty. There are those who can bake but can’t design and vice versa. Brides should ensure that they call two or three friends and find out what the baker they have picked on have done and also visit their place of work and see them in action.
  • Beatrice does not discourage brides who have friends or family members who are experienced in baking cakes. She just wants them to beware of those who claim to know what they are doing and in the end really don’t.
  • Contract: Most brides forget to communicate their desires in the contract or some don’t sign at all. Beatrice advice that the contract ought to be a win win affair between the bride and the baker and the contract ought to stipulate their expectations. If possible have a photo on the cake design agreed on and have those in charge of your wedding understand the agreement to follow up.
  • Cake tasting: Make sure you taste your cake to avoid surprises on your big day. Always have someone who is an expert in cakes to check out the freshness and whether it’s the agreed flavor.
  • The set-up: Always ensure that your baker works with the florist or your decor supplier to compliment the general design.
  • Beatrice Kagondu of Sweet Inspirations will be there at the Samantha’s Bridal Fair answering all your questions concerning cake so plan to attend from 3rd to 5th March!! See you there!

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