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Wedding Venue

Dinham Resort is a garden venue and convention centre set in the plush country side of Tigoni, Limuru. This exclusive location boasts scenic views within a serene environment.


At Dinham Resort we strive to meet your unique requirements and endeavor to make any function held with us an unforgettable memory. The services we offer accommodate garden style weddings, reception parties, evening parties, photo and video shoots, as well as team building activities.


Dinham Resort Garden’s area consists of three gardens. This enables you to have all your wedding activities in one location.

The gardens are:-

The Nest which is the main garden where the wedding reception is held

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Tausi garden hosts the church ceremony and photo shoots


Waridi garden hosts the catering services provided solely by Dinham Resort Garden


The Nest can hold up to 600 people for a garden wedding. The manicured lawns set an ideal stage for an unforgettable experience with water ways and art work to accent your experience at Dinham.


Our facilities include:-

  • Permanent gazebo which can be utilized for small functions of a party of less than 35 guests. The gazebo can also double up as a high table for the wedding party.


  • Serviced lavatories which eliminate the cost of hiring mobile lavatories
  • Fully equipped kitchen to accommodate catering for up to 600 guests.
  • Secure, ample parking
  • Exclusive access for the wedding party prior to walking down the aisle.


  • Furniture and tents available including elegant chiavari chairs.


Dinham Resort Garden

Contact; 0712248852



Choosing Ceremony Site

The selection of a ceremony site is entirely up to your preference, the style of the wedding, the number of guests expected and your religious affiliations. The popular venues are booked more than a year in advance, we suggest that you to reserve your special location before any other plans.

Your Venue Options

  • Church,
  • Private homes,
  • Gardens,
  • Hotels,
  • Clubs,
  • Community halls,
  • Parks,
  • Museums,
  • Beaches
  • Hot air balloons among others

Ceremony site fee

Most ceremony sites ask for a fee in order for you to rent a facility for your wedding. In some churches this fee may include the organist or choir, and or miscellaneous items such as kneeling cushions, aisle runner, and candelabra. Confirm what the site fee includes prior to booking. Beware of how many weddings a church can hold per day. As much as possible aim to have to first shot. It is stressful to do your church decorations in less than half an hour. You do not want to keep your guests waiting.

Some churches have a policy of having only two weddings a day adequately spaced out. Some churches can have up to four weddings. It means you only have 30 minutes (if the previous wedding is on time!) to transform your dream ceremony site.

Tips to Save Money:
a Have your ceremony at the same facility as your reception to save a second rental fee and transporting the guest from one venue to another.

  • Set a realistic guest list and stick to it.
  • Hire an experienced wedding planner.

Reception Style

Food can be served either buffet style or as a sit-down meal. It should be chosen according to the time of day and style of the wedding. A sit down meal features several served courses. In this style the guests sit down and food is brought to the tables.

This is the most expensive service. To keep costs down, go for a simpler menu. The buffet style can also feature several courses, the only difference is that the guests assemble their own plates and get the food from the food stations.

The other kind of reception style is the least expensive and less formal stylish cocktail reception where waiters pass drinks or food offered at various food stations. This type is very rare and not suitable for wedding formalities.

Reception Site Fee

There are two basic types of reception sites. The first type charges per person fee which includes the facility, food, tables, silverware,tableware, and so forth. Examples: hotels and, restaurants. Indeed most venues with on site catering prohibit outside caterers. They provide you with everything including chairs and tables plus minimal decoration, leaving you to hire only the florist if you need extra decoration.

The second type charges a site rental fee and you are responsible for providing the food, beverages, linens, and possibly tables and chairs. Examples: gardens, clubs, school grounds, private homes and halls.
The advantage of the first type is that most of everything is done for you. The disadvantage, however, is that your choice of food, tableware and linen are limited. Usually, you are not permitted to bring in an outside caterer and must select from a predetermined menu.

Venue Options: Private homes, gardens, hotels, clubs, restaurants, halls, parks, museums, are some of the more popular choices for receptions.

Tips to save money:

  • The cost of reception is approximately 50% of the total cost of your wedding; you can save the money by limiting your guest list.
  • Hire a wedding planner, she/he may be able to negotiate good rates since she brings in good amount of business in a year and may have better rates with the venue or caterer.
  • Reception sites that charge site or a ballroom rental fee may waive this fee if you meet minimum requirements on food and beverages consumed. But try to negotiate this before you book the facility.

Things to consider:
When comparing the cost of different locations, consider the rental fee, food, beverages, parking, setup
charges and the cost of rental equipment needed such as tables, chairs, tents, and so forth. If you are planning an outdoor reception, be sure to have a backup site in case of rain. Be sure to book your venues as soon as you make the decision, as most venues are booked a year in advance.

Things to Beware of:
Be careful of hotels that book events too close together. You don’t want your guests to wait outside while your room is being set up for the reception and you don’t want to be ‘forced out’ before you are ready to leave because the hotel needs to arrange the room for the next event. Get your rental hours and the name of your room in writing.