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Premium Quality Wines

We are delighted to introduce a special selection of elegant and delicious SAMANTHA Wines to you.

We do like to throw a party. So we wanted to combine our love of ENTERTAINING and good food with our love of storytelling and offer guests the opportunity to share in the joys of celebrating life’s greatest moments”. –Dr Catherine Masitsa

A Delicious Selection of wine from the CASTELLO DELLAMORE LTD


Ours is a story born of a love of all things bride and beautiful. It is a story of a family business whose roots are in hospitality and Media broadcast.

Starting off as a bridal company in 2004, living in a world of luxury Weddings and creativity that most people just dream about, we are inspired by, handwritten vows, color palettes, and picture-perfect moments frozen in space and time punctuated by epic love tales with twists and turns that lead into many fairytale weddings.

We do like to throw a party. So we wanted to combine our love of weddings and good food with our love of storytelling and offer guests the opportunity to share in the joys of celebrating life’s greatest moments.

Love and wine go hand in hand. We celebrate special moments with a toast and drink wine with our loved ones. Wine should be the perfect way to a perfect evening. To toast to celebrations, to cheer to the good times, and to always compliment the food they are served with

Our love for entertaining, great food, and great wine has been one of the driving forces behind all our endeavors.

Many decades in the wedding industry have cultivated our love for outstanding wine. We always knew that we wanted to expand our brand to include a fine selection of wines. We wanted to create a collection of wines that embodied everything our brand represents. So we decided to offer a high-quality and sustainable wine range for every day and every occasion. Lovingly crafted, and beautifully packaged.

We began our collaboration with a prestigious renowned winemaker from the Valencia Region of Spain to introduce three elegant offerings. Carefully crafted with the perfect taste profile for our clients. Lovingly made, and beautifully packaged.

We are delighted to introduce a special selection of elegant and delicious SAMANTHA Wines to you.


The Samantha’s rose is a fresh and bright wine with a light fruity taste, light red berries taste, light pink in the glass, light texture, light flavors of strawberries on the palate, medium dry with decent acidity, and pleasing finish. Crowd pleaser …


It is delightfully fruity. It is blended from the best grapes skillfully cultivated and harvested from the best Spanish vineyards. It bursts with a lively, and soft refreshing fruity aroma of strawberry, cherry, and blueberry. It is well-balanced, tantalizing, and round giving way to a soft finish. A glass of SAMANTHA RED will pair perfectly with red meats, fine cheese, and chocolate-based desserts. Making it a worthy drink of choice for a special occasion or as an everyday drink. It is a perfect wine for any special occasion, pair with a great meal, and is an excellent wine to share with friends. To enjoy the full flavors of this premium wine, serve it slightly chilled or at room temperature.


Samantha white brings a refreshing, and fun approach to wine enjoyment through its charming flavors that deliver fascinating wine drinking pleasure. The wine is fruity and richly flavored. This wine has a brilliant straw color, with a nose of sweet citrus, pear, and crisp apple. These fruits are lined with floral notes and hints of brioche and toast. It is crisp, fresh, and well balanced on the palate, with intriguing flavors of bright fruits and fresh floral notes. All these culminate to a nice crisp finish. SAMANTHA sweet wine is best served chilled. Enjoy it by itself or with your favorite dish. It pairs well with cheese, spicy foods, and desserts.

It is our hope that you have as much fun drinking our wine as we have had making it for you. Being in the hospitality and wedding industry, it is our greatest pleasure seeing people getting together and enjoying our wines.

These wines continue a tradition of excellence you have come to associate with the Samantha’s bridal brand.

From inception, Our mission has always been the same.“to connect people and cultures by helping them navigate and truly enjoy life’s greatest moments”.

It is our hope that you have as much fun drinking our wine as we have had making it for you.

Samantha’s wine features unique and delicious varietals that reflect the way we feel about life.  Delicious wines, and of course good food is the ultimate way to get people together. And it allows us to take a step back and focus on what really is important.  Friends, family, and savoring every moment we have with them. You see, we’re not just selling products; we are selling love generously bottled. And because we love that little bit of indulgence that keeps life special, everything is filled to the brim, there are no half measures.

Cheers from the Samantha family to yours.Cheers everybody!


Like everyone, we look a little different after 18 years, but our mission remains the same, “to connect people and cultures by helping them navigate and truly enjoy life’s greatest moments”. You see, we’re not just selling products; we are selling love generously bottled. And because we love that little bit of indulgence that keeps life special, everything is filled to the brim, there are no half measures.We are on a step-by-step journey evolving and listening to the needs of our loyal customers and also considering Mother Nature. We are also committed to giving back to the people and places that inspire us along the way with our“Beginning of life’s greatest journey” program.

So, accept our invitation to cherish life’s moments, feel comfortable; unwind, as you indulge yourself and those you love. ” That is what makes us smile “It is our hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do!

These wines continue a tradition of excellence you have come to associate with Samantha’s bridal brand “A wine product is something that is made in a winery: a brand is something that is bought by the consumer. A wine can be copied by a competitor: a brand is unique. Wine can be quickly outdated: a successful brand is timeless.”

Champagne or sparkling wine: Do you know the difference?

If you’re struggling with which to have at your reception, don’t keep your frustration bottled up

1. Wine Region

The wine region is the primary distinction between Champagne and other sparkling wines. Champagne is a product of France’s Champagne region. Additionally, sparkling wine made in the Champagne region must follow the appellation rules in order to use the name “Champagne.” It is the undisputed Grand Champion of Bubblies.On the other hand, sparkling wine can be made anywhere in the world.

2. Price

The conventional technique of making champagne wine entails a first fermentation for the base wine, followed by a second fermentation inside the bottle.Because manufacturing wine is such a labor-intensive procedure, it is produced in smaller quantities than other sparkling wines.

Because only a small number of grapes grown throughout the Champagne region may be utilised for its base wine, the quality of the grape variety used also drives up the price of champagne.For about 14 to 25 years, a fine Champagne wine can age beautifully, increasing in value. It makes sense why Champagnes are so highly regarded by investors and collectors.

3. Taste

Champagne wine gets a richer, toastier flavor as it ages on its lees. Toast, brioche, scents may be present in a superior vintage Champagne. Depending on the sugar content, champagne can also range from being dry (brut) to being sweet. More residual sugar results in sweeter, fruitier products. The extended maturing period for champagne also produces a smoother, more exquisite mouthfeel. While the flavors of sparkling wines are fruitier and fresher and the consistency of their bubbles ranges from coarse to fine.

Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes are the three main grape varietals used to make champagne. Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris are further little used grape varietals. In contrast, sparkling wine can be either a single grape variety or a blending of several worldwide grape kinds.

What every new couple should carry to their honeymoon

According to a study carried out by Samantha Bridal, 99% of couples who chose the formal wedding way go for honeymoons. It is an important period for the newlyweds to be alone and bond. It also gives the couple a chance to travel to new places and have fun.
So what should newlyweds carry with them to make the whole experience memorable?
Camera: You wouldnt want to miss capturing the moments. So a camera even a high quality phone camera would do the trick. For those who dare to visit extreme locations such as deserts, snowy areas or even scuba diving, a more professional camera is advisable or better yet a Gopro camera.
Sunscreen: Your skin needs a little bit of sunscreen to get you through the day without experiencing sunburns. Contrary to popular belief, dark skin is still affected by direct sunlight. So dont forget to slather up whenever you step out. SPF 30 and above is recommended.
Sunglasses: A classic and stylish pair of sunglasses gives an edge to your outfit and also is good for your eyes.

Swimsuits: According to the survey, locations with beaches top the list of honeymoon destinations. So dont forget to carry swim suits and their accessories to your holiday. So dont shy away from packing that two piece or one-piece bikini as well as cover-ups.
Credit Cards: You may not necessarily need the cash but it is always good to carry your credit cards with in case need arises. Thankfully if you are travelling local, Mobile Money works in many areas. Always have a little loose cash for tipping.
That sexy little number: If ever there was a time to dress up for your man, this would be it. So pack a sexy dress to wear for a dinner or a romantic evening. Dont forget the lingerie people.
A musical playlist: Have a compilation of your favorite love songs for you and your partner to set the honeymoon mood.

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Thinking of proposing on Valentines Day? Find out why you shouldn’t













Valentine’s Day is coming up, quite possibly the most romantic day of the year (or at least it’s marketed as such) and so you may be thinking that it’s the perfect day to propose.  But, unless your hopefully soon to be fiance is a super duper lover of the Valentines day, it’s really not the best idea and we have 5 very good reasons why you should not propose on Valentine’s Day.

  1.  Everything will cost double, triple or more.  It’s a couple’s day so every service and item associated with it will be marked up.  Everything from flowers and chocolate to spa services and the meal.
  2.  All romantic restaurants will be packed.  So, if you’re thinking about having part of the proposal or experience take place at a restaurant, you’ll be surrounded by other couples.  Not super intimate or private.
  3.  Big romantic gestures will be happening left and right, including proposals.  You don’t want yours to be just one amongst many.
  4.  Expectations are already too high.  You want the proposal to be a surprise, but you don’t want to have to compete with your girlfriend/boyfriend expecting something already.
  5.  It’s totally overdone.  Cupid and red hearts will be all over the place.  Valentine’s day isn’t all that special in and of itself, so unless it means something to you or her/him, pick another day.   You want this moment to feel special for both of you and not as a bandwagon to the day.

Ever been curious to find out the real cost of wedding cakes & why their prices are so different?Read here for more details

To answer that question, I think we need to first discuss wedding cake pricing. Most bakeries will price their wedding cakes at a per serving cost ie the number of people you intend to serve. So, for example, you may see that their wedding cakes are Ksh40/serving or Ksh100/serving. And a serving equals a person. Other bakeries will price their wedding cakes based on the size of the cake. So, for example, you may see that a 3 tiered round cake (6″, 8″ and 10″), is Ksh 35000. While these are two different ways of pricing, they are really the same. The price you see for the particular sized cake is based off of the number of servings you can get. So, essentially it’s all based on your guest count and the number of servings you need. Now, the cost of the wedding cake is a combination of a few different items;

  • First, you have the ingredients and the quality of those ingredients.
  • Then there is the labor, the actual time it takes to make it.
  • Then the craftsmanship of your baker and the artistry and design they bring to it.
  • Then, of course, comes the freshness and the taste.
  • And lastly, the customer service, how you are treated and what your experience is like.

So, the answers to your questions are one in the same. All of these items play a factor into that price per serving cost. So, the price will differ depending on the level and quality of those items. How much a wedding cake costs depends on what is important to you about that cake. If the design is important to you, you’ll be paying for their skill. If you want local, organic ingredients, you’ll be paying for that. When you’re looking at different companies, it’s hard to do an apples to apples comparison as you won’t have the information on many of those factors. But, know that a cheaper baker is cheaper for a reason. It might be because they are newer or because their cakes aren’t as fresh or because they only do really simple cakes with little design. And there isn’t anything wrong with those things. You just have to understand what you want and what is important to you about the wedding cake. Then you’ll know what you’re comfortable with and can go with the baker that makes most sense for you.

You know when you go shopping and you find an item you like and then you think, how much is this supposed to cost? You have some doubt and hesitation.   You like it but, you’re not quite sure if it is worth it. And it’s because you have nothing to compare it to. It might be a great price or be totally overpriced. It’s all relative. But, once you understand that cost, you can make a decision on whether it is worth it to you or not. This same situation can apply to purchasing a notebook, a couch, a laptop, a T-shirt or your wedding cake. So, How much do wedding cakes cost? Find out in this post and interview with Beatrice from sweet inspirations. Q&A so that you can make a decision on what is worth it to you.  Click here to read the answer and find out why there is such a big a difference in cake pricing . Happy planning


Do you have fears buying a custom made gown?..Fashion designer Ogake explains why you shouldn’t

ogake custom 1















Photos from Ogake bridal

What comes into your mind when you think of a custom made gown? Well, to many, it may look like an unobtainable luxury, the preserve of the people with money as well as the extravagant brides who won’t mind going beyond their means once in a while. In the past, and this is during our grandparents time, handmade clothing was not so unusual. It would either be home-stitched or bought from a local seamstress. In comparison to an off-the-rack gown, a custom-made gown, or a  Made-to-Measure (MTM) or bespoke gown is one that is made according to the bride’s specific measurements, design and requirements. The gown undergoes the whole design process taking anything from a week (pushing it) to a year, as you wait. An off-the-rack gown can also be referred to as ready-to-wear (RTW). It is made before purchase/order, and can either be bought online or from a local boutique. Off-the-rack gowns can also be rented. Companies plan their collections and production ahead of the season, and you choose from the existing styles.

Ogake Mosomi, an accomplished bridal wear designer who was voted the people’s choice for the FAFA Emerging designers Award in 2012 is one of those designers. She holds an impressive record, having dressed various celebrities like Wahu and Sauti Sol and her pieces have been worn at various corporate launches like Samsung, Lux and others. During an interview with Samantha’s bridal, Ogake explains how with technology and a bit of creative design have made it easy for the creative bride to be able to have a custom made gown designed according to her design.

Here are some of the misconceptions she gives of custom gowns:

  1. People assume that it is cheap. It is not as materials have to be outsourced at times and it takes a lot of time for everything to be done based on what the bride desires.
  2. Locally made gowns are not good quality: According to Ogake, fashion designers in Kenya are making effort to ensure that the quality of the trims, fabric as well as finishing is great hence brides should not be scared

To find out more on custom gowns and how you can have one perfectly made to suit your body, why don’t you meet her at the Samantha’s bridal Fair from 3rd -5th March? She promises to surprise you with the latest trends as well as give you advice on gowns and what will work for you.


Twitter: Ogake
0732219292 to book an appointment with her


An essential aspect of your day is the health of your skin. It’s no lie that you want to look good as you walk down the aisle and for the photo session. I mean, it’s the one day you are getting married and part of it is in looking good and feeling great!

Here are handy tips on how you can ready your skin with natural products to get that radiant look.

bride 1

(P.s. This is not dermatological advice, if you have certain skin challenges consult your dermatologist before trying this.)

For all these steps, do some light steaming before proceeding to the next step. Quite a D-I-Y, place some hot water in a mid-sized bucket and cover your face over it with a towel for about a minute or two.

  1. Exfoliate

Do this once or twice a week depending on the type of your skin or choice of ingredients. If you have oily and sensitive skin, reduce the duration. If you pick a product that is coarse, limit the exfoliation to once a week.

Products that you can use: oatmeal or rice flour or gram flour or sugar with fine granules.

The mix of oatmeal with sugar works quite well.

bride 2

  1. Mask

Once you’ve exfoliated, it’s time to mask.

Products: Blended Pawpaw or Blended Tomato or Egg White + Lemon or Bicarbonate of Soda + Rose Water or Mashed Ripe Banana + Natural Yoghurt.

Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse.

Don’t forget to steam!

  1. Tone

Now it’s time to get the final dirt out and even the complexion.

Products: Cucumber juice or Green Apple juice or Lemon + some honey.

bride 3

  1. Moisturize

This depends on your skin type – dry, sensitive, oily, combination et al.

By this point, you should have found the product that works for you.

Preferably, choose something with few ingredients and without parabens or sulphates. The more organic it is the better.

Otherwise, if you’re going natural, you could try light olive oil, jojoba oil (perfect for night time), rosehip oil (a combination of this and jojoba is great for day time), castor oil and hemp seed oil. Most of these natural oils don’t clog the pores but penetrate and regenerate skin cells.

And one last thing brides, please use sunscreen! Every single day! Protect yourself from those UV rays.

Final tip, extend the process to your neck to achieve an even look.

Happy wedding day miss glamorous, you look amazing!

bride 4

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Civil ceremonies may be the best option for couples that are unsure about their own religious convictions – or who simply prefer a small, simple and inexpensive ceremony. Also for couples who may choose to bypass the tension and potential family problems of an interfaith ceremony by having a civil ceremony. The officiant in a civil ceremony is a judge or other civic official legally qualified to perform a marriage.

Civil ceremony in the office of the Registrar of Marriages

Once the Legal notice of 21 days has been issued, the couple pays Kshs.1400 and book a date for the marriage. This should be up to 3 months in advance. The celebration must be between 10:00am and 4:00pm. Once celebrated, the officer issues a certificate of marriage and the parties are required to sign in duplicate and the signatures witnessed by at least two people. The couple retains one copy of the certificate and the other is sent to registrar of marriages. If you prefer to hold your ceremony in the civic official’s office, think twice about your wedding attire. You may not feel comfortable coming and going in a full-length gown. The dress code is a street-length dress or suit for the bride and a suit for the groom.

Civil Ceremony at Your Chosen Venue
Contrary to the stereotype (a barren scene in a judge’s chambers that takes all of twenty seconds), being “civil” does not necessarily mean boring, quick or small. If you like, you can have a civil ceremony with all the trimmings of a traditional church wedding granted. It won’t be in a religious setting, and no religious officials will be present, but you can summon a sense of power and drama. After all, your civic official isn’t tied to a chair in his office. Get him or her out of the office – and into a hotel ballroom, garden or on a dhow or anywhere else you feel like having your wedding.

A Special License is required if the civil wedding ceremony is to take place in a place other than the Registrar’s office. You should give a 21 day legal notice and a fee of Kshs.10,250 over and an above the Kshs.200 is payable. The registrar can travel to your chosen venue to conduct a civil ceremony. Confirm that the registrar is available on the day. The ceremony involves the signing of the certificate, which is a five-minute job. You can however incorporate vows of your choice provided the registrar approves them.

This type of civil ceremony can also be booked up to 3 months in advance. Civil ceremonies not held at marriage registrar’s chambers are usually held at the reception site, which tends to make things more convenient for all involved. It doesn’t make such sense to rent a hotel ballroom for the ceremony, and then move everyone for the reception.

Order of Service
This ceremony takes about 10 – 15 minutes. The exact content will be at the registrar’s discretion. Legally, a civil wedding can’t have vows, songs, poems or readings with religious references.

Once everyone’s seated and you and your groom are together at the front of the room, the registrar will welcome everyone and explain what will happen in the ceremony.

This might include:
“We are here today to witness the joining in matrimony of …………. and ……………… “. “……………. and ………………….., before you are joined in matrimony I have to remind you both of the solemn and binding
character of the vows you are about to make. Marriage according to the law of this country is the union of one man and one woman, voluntarily entered into for life, to the exclusion of all others. But more than this, marriage is also intended to provide the love and friendship, help and comfort, which each ought to have for the other, both in times of joy and the times of hardship.”

You and your groom then declare your intention to marry. This might include: “…………..will you hold your bride’s / groom’s hand. Will you take …………… be your lawful wedded wife / husband, to be loving, faithful and to be loyal to her / him in living your lives together?” Response: “I will”.

Marriage Vows
Legally required vows of marriage must be included in the ceremony. For example: “I do solemnly
declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I …………may not be joined in matrimony to……………… I call upon these persons here present to witness that I …………………do take thee…………….to be my lawfully wedded wife / husband.”

Exchanging Rings
You can make personal vows to each other as well as legal ones. For example: “I give you this ring as
a symbol of my love, friendship and patience, to support and comfort you through good times and
troubled times.”

A SPA experience for any bride

Our Director, Dr. Catherine Masitsa-Rosza had booked this appointment for us a week in advance – a day at the spa. High in spirits, at 10a.m we make our way to Total Woman Spa located on the first floor of Adam’s Arcade Shopping mall. We are greeted at the door by a lovely looking lass in white. As we venture inside the parlor with its blue painted walls and crisp white furniture: tables, chairs working tops, it’s an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Janet, the Spa owner greets us with a warm smile and warm conversation as and hands us over to her attendants and the pampering begins.


First, we are treated to a sugar scrub with mint, and its heaven! The skin-penetrating effect of mint and the sugar on the hands is really soothing. The sugar-based exfoliating treatment makes quick work of dull, dry skin and ragged cuticles to give even to the most mani-deprived hands a taste of soft, smooth, spa manicure perfection–in just one minute. Ask for it when you visit the spa sometime.


This was followed by the paraffin manicure, and no, there was no paraffin smelling chemicals involved.  It is actually a beauty treatment for the hands that combines nail polishing and buffing with skin softening and moisturizing. While most standard manicures focus only on the fingernails where Manicurists rub lotion into the fingers or provide brief palm massages, to increase blood flow into the fingers, which can help nail enamel adhere; paraffin manicures involves the entire hand being dipped in paraffin wax (this is where it derives its name from) either before or after the nails are polished, in order to seal in softness and moisture. The wax is usually left on the skin for some time, usually between five minutes and half an hour. When it is removed, the skin will typically feel silky soft, and the hands are refreshed and revitalized. Paraffin Manicure focuses on the health of the whole hand and ultimate relaxation is usually the goal. The incorporation of the wax is typically considered a luxury, and this sort of manicure is usually among the more expensive offerings at salons and spas.



Oh did I mention the tea and biscuits, the whole time we were getting the manicure? It really is thoughtful service.

Our hands look dapper, we make our way to the pedicure station complete with an all-white leather Robotic Massage Chair, with a  full back and seat massage remote controlled by, you guessed it, you! The jet massage tub is exhilarating as the warm foamy pedicure bath massages the feet and toes. The lovely ladies work on our feet scrubbing, exfoliating and all manner of pleasantries and the result –soft, radiant feet, red painted toes that your significant other can eat grapes from. *wink*wink. A treat that every bride-to-be must have. Better still add it to your monthly bucket list.

Finally, we make our way to our private rooms each for a facial, massage and waxing. By the time we are done, its five o’clock, and we have to leave the pleasant indulgence.

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5 Tips to consider when choosing an engagement ring


Although the ring is removable, its shape and size will matter depending on the amount of handiwork she may be involved in. Remember the higher the positioning of the gemstone on the ring, the easier it is for it to get caught of clothes, surfaces etc thus a greater possibility of being knocked out. This goes to say you must put into thought your fiancee’s lifestyle, if she’s the real outdoorsy kind of girl, keep the gem positioned low, get a flashy rock for a fashionista and consider vintage for a girl with the same trait.

2.Ring Size
Don’t guess her size! The last thing you want is breaking her finger while you are down on one knee.Just for this one time, ignore your conscience and steal one of her rings to have it sized by a jeweler and while you’re in her jewelry box, forget the penal code on trespass and take a few cell-phone shots so you can remember what she likes.

ring size 1

3.Be selfish…

Just for today, she will most likely want the wedding bands to match her engagement ring. Dear loved one, remember your wedding band will also match hers. The only way to avoid having a band that gets people second guessing your orientation is treating the 4Cs with some futuristic seriousness! As fit as a fiddle? Just Customize Ask your jeweler if its possible. You may not exactly find what you are looking for or what she desires: go bespoke. Consider too you may not want to customize the ring just yet, but as the trends and century turns, it may be passed on in the family heirloom.



4.Oh Yeah…This could shoot a hole!

Yes it might, and understandably so. But you don’t have to take a loan to put a ring on it. I believe by now you are thinking marriage, and so both of you know just how far you can stretch your cheque books. Prove yourself worth her life despite the post recession report!

5.One More Thing ….
Be nice to her friends, the ones who can keep a secret. Find out what she loves, what she dreams about what she has always wanted. If need be, sketch your covert mission with them. You are now