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Do you have fears buying a custom made gown?..Fashion designer Ogake explains why you shouldn’t

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What comes into your mind when you think of a custom made gown? Well, to many, it may look like an unobtainable luxury, the preserve of the people with money as well as the extravagant brides who won’t mind going beyond their means once in a while. In the past, and this is during our grandparents time, handmade clothing was not so unusual. It would either be home-stitched or bought from a local seamstress. In comparison to an off-the-rack gown, a custom-made gown, or a  Made-to-Measure (MTM) or bespoke gown is one that is made according to the bride’s specific measurements, design and requirements. The gown undergoes the whole design process taking anything from a week (pushing it) to a year, as you wait. An off-the-rack gown can also be referred to as ready-to-wear (RTW). It is made before purchase/order, and can either be bought online or from a local boutique. Off-the-rack gowns can also be rented. Companies plan their collections and production ahead of the season, and you choose from the existing styles.

Ogake Mosomi, an accomplished bridal wear designer who was voted the people’s choice for the FAFA Emerging designers Award in 2012 is one of those designers. She holds an impressive record, having dressed various celebrities like Wahu and Sauti Sol and her pieces have been worn at various corporate launches like Samsung, Lux and others. During an interview with Samantha’s bridal, Ogake explains how with technology and a bit of creative design have made it easy for the creative bride to be able to have a custom made gown designed according to her design.

Here are some of the misconceptions she gives of custom gowns:

  1. People assume that it is cheap. It is not as materials have to be outsourced at times and it takes a lot of time for everything to be done based on what the bride desires.
  2. Locally made gowns are not good quality: According to Ogake, fashion designers in Kenya are making effort to ensure that the quality of the trims, fabric as well as finishing is great hence brides should not be scared

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