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A SPA experience for any bride

Our Director, Dr. Catherine Masitsa-Rosza had booked this appointment for us a week in advance – a day at the spa. High in spirits, at 10a.m we make our way to Total Woman Spa located on the first floor of Adam’s Arcade Shopping mall. We are greeted at the door by a lovely looking lass in white. As we venture inside the parlor with its blue painted walls and crisp white furniture: tables, chairs working tops, it’s an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Janet, the Spa owner greets us with a warm smile and warm conversation as and hands us over to her attendants and the pampering begins.


First, we are treated to a sugar scrub with mint, and its heaven! The skin-penetrating effect of mint and the sugar on the hands is really soothing. The sugar-based exfoliating treatment makes quick work of dull, dry skin and ragged cuticles to give even to the most mani-deprived hands a taste of soft, smooth, spa manicure perfection–in just one minute. Ask for it when you visit the spa sometime.


This was followed by the paraffin manicure, and no, there was no paraffin smelling chemicals involved.  It is actually a beauty treatment for the hands that combines nail polishing and buffing with skin softening and moisturizing. While most standard manicures focus only on the fingernails where Manicurists rub lotion into the fingers or provide brief palm massages, to increase blood flow into the fingers, which can help nail enamel adhere; paraffin manicures involves the entire hand being dipped in paraffin wax (this is where it derives its name from) either before or after the nails are polished, in order to seal in softness and moisture. The wax is usually left on the skin for some time, usually between five minutes and half an hour. When it is removed, the skin will typically feel silky soft, and the hands are refreshed and revitalized. Paraffin Manicure focuses on the health of the whole hand and ultimate relaxation is usually the goal. The incorporation of the wax is typically considered a luxury, and this sort of manicure is usually among the more expensive offerings at salons and spas.



Oh did I mention the tea and biscuits, the whole time we were getting the manicure? It really is thoughtful service.

Our hands look dapper, we make our way to the pedicure station complete with an all-white leather Robotic Massage Chair, with a  full back and seat massage remote controlled by, you guessed it, you! The jet massage tub is exhilarating as the warm foamy pedicure bath massages the feet and toes. The lovely ladies work on our feet scrubbing, exfoliating and all manner of pleasantries and the result –soft, radiant feet, red painted toes that your significant other can eat grapes from. *wink*wink. A treat that every bride-to-be must have. Better still add it to your monthly bucket list.

Finally, we make our way to our private rooms each for a facial, massage and waxing. By the time we are done, its five o’clock, and we have to leave the pleasant indulgence.

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5 Tips to consider when choosing an engagement ring


Although the ring is removable, its shape and size will matter depending on the amount of handiwork she may be involved in. Remember the higher the positioning of the gemstone on the ring, the easier it is for it to get caught of clothes, surfaces etc thus a greater possibility of being knocked out. This goes to say you must put into thought your fiancee’s lifestyle, if she’s the real outdoorsy kind of girl, keep the gem positioned low, get a flashy rock for a fashionista and consider vintage for a girl with the same trait.

2.Ring Size
Don’t guess her size! The last thing you want is breaking her finger while you are down on one knee.Just for this one time, ignore your conscience and steal one of her rings to have it sized by a jeweler and while you’re in her jewelry box, forget the penal code on trespass and take a few cell-phone shots so you can remember what she likes.

ring size 1

3.Be selfish…

Just for today, she will most likely want the wedding bands to match her engagement ring. Dear loved one, remember your wedding band will also match hers. The only way to avoid having a band that gets people second guessing your orientation is treating the 4Cs with some futuristic seriousness! As fit as a fiddle? Just Customize Ask your jeweler if its possible. You may not exactly find what you are looking for or what she desires: go bespoke. Consider too you may not want to customize the ring just yet, but as the trends and century turns, it may be passed on in the family heirloom.



4.Oh Yeah…This could shoot a hole!

Yes it might, and understandably so. But you don’t have to take a loan to put a ring on it. I believe by now you are thinking marriage, and so both of you know just how far you can stretch your cheque books. Prove yourself worth her life despite the post recession report!

5.One More Thing ….
Be nice to her friends, the ones who can keep a secret. Find out what she loves, what she dreams about what she has always wanted. If need be, sketch your covert mission with them. You are now

The design and flavour matters

During the Samantha’s Bridal Wedding Fair there was an annually cake challenge. During the fair people voted for the cakes on display and there was one cake that stood out of all on display, that cake carried the day as it won the competition making Cake Elegance earn the title baker of the year.

Photo by Digital Eye
Photo by Digital Eye

Business Daily featured the story of one Sonia Farookh the owner of Cake Elegance and she said that over the years the style of baking cakes, the décor surrounding the wedding cake has really changed. The usual fruit cakes are no longer the order of the day; instead more of chocolate, vanilla and carrot or even mixed flavors are being used more.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.47.31 PM
Photo by Digital Eye

Sonia trained abroad and says that she gets her inspiration for cakes from ordinary things. Over the years she has learnt the art of packaging a cake with good shock absorbers to avoid damage on transit. The price of a cake varies depending on the weight, flavor and design; it ranges from kshs 2500 to kshs80000. For a wedding cake she bakes one cake at a time to concentrate on it, to bring out the right taste and décor to meet her clients needs.

The recent cake she baked for KISS100 Radio Presenter Kalekye Mumo and the design was stunning, mounted on a chandelier. Cake is no longer the traditional cake we used to know.