Considering a wedding photographer? These tips will save your big day

Of all the choices that you will make during wedding planning, no other choice will have a longer lasting implication than that of a photographer. David Macharia, who is known for being the only photographer during former US president Obama’s last Kenyan visit, has shot many weddings and has spent millions investing in his business and training young photographers in the wedding industry. He shares with Samantha’s bridal on the mistakes couples make when choosing a photographer:

  1. Look for a professional: Ensure that you have thoroughly researched on the work that they have done before signing them up to shoot your big day. David gives us a few guidelines on what to look for in a good photographer:
  • Professionalism: Under these, David advises brides to check out whether the photographers can deliver on time. Are they responding to texts, phone calls or emails on time?
  1. Have a list of guests that you want to invite in the wedding. This is significant as it assists in knowing the different kind of shots that you will have.
  2. Allow your photographer to his/her job despite the fact that you may have many ideas running through your head.
  3. Ensure that you choose advice as not every one who gives it to you understands your big day or means well.
  4. When choosing an album for your wedding photos, understand that not all of them will fit in one album.

Under albums also, David advises brides to check their quality and choose an album that will last for generations to come.

  1. Always have a pre -wedding shoot to get acquainted with your photographer and to know which shots you will do on your big day.
  2. As for wedding planners, David’s advice is that they should have a list of photographers who can handle various wedding themes. Each photographer is unique with a special skill for handling specific wedding themes.

Visit his stand at the Samantha’s Bridal Fair where he will give you more advice on photography and you never know..maybe a discount!

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