An invitation or save the date for a future wedding in your was up or mail box can be one of the most exciting things to anticipate. Weddings, more often than not, are an opportunity to eat good food, dance besides old friends and make new ones too. In addition, its the celebration of two people in your life who have found love within one another and promise to stay together for a lifetime. So being in your best behavior as a wedding guest is crucial not only for your reputation but also as a sign of respect to your loved one. We, did our research and found out some of the common mistakes that wedding guests do in weddings:

1. Wearing White
Even if you think its okay and think that you look better in the colour, unless its the theme of the wedding or the bride says so, wearing white to a wedding is a no no. Let the bride sparkle in white while you wear any other dress just to be safe.
2. Not Giving A Gift
I know times are hard and the economy is tough but its courtesy to at least go with a gift even just a card. Your card will mean something to them and they will cherish it for the rest of their lives.
3. Chatting During the Ceremony
As excited as you may be during the ceremony because of meeting old friends or making new ones, it is wise and respectful to refrain from chatting.
4. Taking Flash Photography
Dont compete with the official photographers when it comes to taking photography kindly make way for them. Those photos are the only memory that couples have so as a matter of respect, let the photographers take the best photos possible.

5. Taking Shots Before the Ceremony
Kindly dont be drunk before the ceremony even if you are a renowned party animal. Save the best for last as in most weddings couples have an open bar in the evenings.
6. Wearing Jeans
Even if the wedding invitation says it is not a black tie event, kindly do not wear jeans in any wedding.
7. Getting Competitive About the Bouquet Toss
The bouquet tossing time should is a fun time where singles get to catch the bouquet and hope that their wedding will be the next one. However, don’t get too competitive and avoid elbowing people around you and pushing them away. Remember, its never that serious!
8. Giving An Unplanned Speech

If you want to speak at the wedding, chat with the couple beforehand, but keep in mind that they may not want guests to think it’s an open mic kind of night and have speeches drag on for a good chunk of the reception. Just because there’s a microphone at the party, doesn’t mean you have permission to use it.
9. Texting the Bride

Can you imagine how many texts and calls the bride gets the day before and during the wedding? If you can, kindly avoid bringing in pressure and hold your peace till afterwards.
10. Bringing an Uninvited Plus-One
If you weren’t told you could bring someone to the wedding, know that you have to fly solo. An uninvited guest is an extra plate, which means an extra cost to the couple.
11. Not Introducing Yourself to the People at Your Table
Be sure to say hello to them when you sit down. You were placed at that table for a reason so chances are you have something in common with the people around you.
12. Comparing/Criticizing the Details
If you didnt contribute in making the wedding happen, kindly dont say anything negative about the occasion. Bring in positive vibe.

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