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We are delighted to introduce a special selection of elegant and delicious SAMANTHA Wines to you.

We do like to throw a party. So we wanted to combine our love of ENTERTAINING and good food with our love of storytelling and offer guests the opportunity to share in the joys of celebrating life’s greatest moments”. –Dr Catherine Masitsa

A Delicious Selection of wine from the CASTELLO DELLAMORE LTD


Ours is a story born of a love of all things bride and beautiful. It is a story of a family business whose roots are in hospitality and Media broadcast.

Starting off as a bridal company in 2004, living in a world of luxury Weddings and creativity that most people just dream about, we are inspired by, handwritten vows, color palettes, and picture-perfect moments frozen in space and time punctuated by epic love tales with twists and turns that lead into many fairytale weddings.

We do like to throw a party. So we wanted to combine our love of weddings and good food with our love of storytelling and offer guests the opportunity to share in the joys of celebrating life’s greatest moments.

Love and wine go hand in hand. We celebrate special moments with a toast and drink wine with our loved ones. Wine should be the perfect way to a perfect evening. To toast to celebrations, to cheer to the good times, and to always compliment the food they are served with

Our love for entertaining, great food, and great wine has been one of the driving forces behind all our endeavors.

Many decades in the wedding industry have cultivated our love for outstanding wine. We always knew that we wanted to expand our brand to include a fine selection of wines. We wanted to create a collection of wines that embodied everything our brand represents. So we decided to offer a high-quality and sustainable wine range for every day and every occasion. Lovingly crafted, and beautifully packaged.

We began our collaboration with a prestigious renowned winemaker from the Valencia Region of Spain to introduce three elegant offerings. Carefully crafted with the perfect taste profile for our clients. Lovingly made, and beautifully packaged.

We are delighted to introduce a special selection of elegant and delicious SAMANTHA Wines to you.


The Samantha’s rose is a fresh and bright wine with a light fruity taste, light red berries taste, light pink in the glass, light texture, light flavors of strawberries on the palate, medium dry with decent acidity, and pleasing finish. Crowd pleaser …


It is delightfully fruity. It is blended from the best grapes skillfully cultivated and harvested from the best Spanish vineyards. It bursts with a lively, and soft refreshing fruity aroma of strawberry, cherry, and blueberry. It is well-balanced, tantalizing, and round giving way to a soft finish. A glass of SAMANTHA RED will pair perfectly with red meats, fine cheese, and chocolate-based desserts. Making it a worthy drink of choice for a special occasion or as an everyday drink. It is a perfect wine for any special occasion, pair with a great meal, and is an excellent wine to share with friends. To enjoy the full flavors of this premium wine, serve it slightly chilled or at room temperature.


Samantha white brings a refreshing, and fun approach to wine enjoyment through its charming flavors that deliver fascinating wine drinking pleasure. The wine is fruity and richly flavored. This wine has a brilliant straw color, with a nose of sweet citrus, pear, and crisp apple. These fruits are lined with floral notes and hints of brioche and toast. It is crisp, fresh, and well balanced on the palate, with intriguing flavors of bright fruits and fresh floral notes. All these culminate to a nice crisp finish. SAMANTHA sweet wine is best served chilled. Enjoy it by itself or with your favorite dish. It pairs well with cheese, spicy foods, and desserts.

It is our hope that you have as much fun drinking our wine as we have had making it for you. Being in the hospitality and wedding industry, it is our greatest pleasure seeing people getting together and enjoying our wines.

These wines continue a tradition of excellence you have come to associate with the Samantha’s bridal brand.

From inception, Our mission has always been the same.“to connect people and cultures by helping them navigate and truly enjoy life’s greatest moments”.

It is our hope that you have as much fun drinking our wine as we have had making it for you.

Samantha’s wine features unique and delicious varietals that reflect the way we feel about life.  Delicious wines, and of course good food is the ultimate way to get people together. And it allows us to take a step back and focus on what really is important.  Friends, family, and savoring every moment we have with them. You see, we’re not just selling products; we are selling love generously bottled. And because we love that little bit of indulgence that keeps life special, everything is filled to the brim, there are no half measures.

Cheers from the Samantha family to yours.Cheers everybody!


Like everyone, we look a little different after 18 years, but our mission remains the same, “to connect people and cultures by helping them navigate and truly enjoy life’s greatest moments”. You see, we’re not just selling products; we are selling love generously bottled. And because we love that little bit of indulgence that keeps life special, everything is filled to the brim, there are no half measures.We are on a step-by-step journey evolving and listening to the needs of our loyal customers and also considering Mother Nature. We are also committed to giving back to the people and places that inspire us along the way with our“Beginning of life’s greatest journey” program.

So, accept our invitation to cherish life’s moments, feel comfortable; unwind, as you indulge yourself and those you love. ” That is what makes us smile “It is our hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do!

These wines continue a tradition of excellence you have come to associate with Samantha’s bridal brand “A wine product is something that is made in a winery: a brand is something that is bought by the consumer. A wine can be copied by a competitor: a brand is unique. Wine can be quickly outdated: a successful brand is timeless.”

Champagne or sparkling wine: Do you know the difference?

If you’re struggling with which to have at your reception, don’t keep your frustration bottled up

1. Wine Region

The wine region is the primary distinction between Champagne and other sparkling wines. Champagne is a product of France’s Champagne region. Additionally, sparkling wine made in the Champagne region must follow the appellation rules in order to use the name “Champagne.” It is the undisputed Grand Champion of Bubblies.On the other hand, sparkling wine can be made anywhere in the world.

2. Price

The conventional technique of making champagne wine entails a first fermentation for the base wine, followed by a second fermentation inside the bottle.Because manufacturing wine is such a labor-intensive procedure, it is produced in smaller quantities than other sparkling wines.

Because only a small number of grapes grown throughout the Champagne region may be utilised for its base wine, the quality of the grape variety used also drives up the price of champagne.For about 14 to 25 years, a fine Champagne wine can age beautifully, increasing in value. It makes sense why Champagnes are so highly regarded by investors and collectors.

3. Taste

Champagne wine gets a richer, toastier flavor as it ages on its lees. Toast, brioche, scents may be present in a superior vintage Champagne. Depending on the sugar content, champagne can also range from being dry (brut) to being sweet. More residual sugar results in sweeter, fruitier products. The extended maturing period for champagne also produces a smoother, more exquisite mouthfeel. While the flavors of sparkling wines are fruitier and fresher and the consistency of their bubbles ranges from coarse to fine.

Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes are the three main grape varietals used to make champagne. Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris are further little used grape varietals. In contrast, sparkling wine can be either a single grape variety or a blending of several worldwide grape kinds.

wedding fair 2023, big and better

It is with great excitement that we can confirm the NEW dates of the Wedding Fair.  

The Samantha’s all things bride and beautiful wedding Fair brings together the country’s most illustrious and well-respected names in wedding Industry across East Africa. Our longevity has created relationships with Kenya’s most experienced, ethical, and talented vendors. Our highly anticipated events bring couples and merchants together—for the perfect wedding experience. We invite you to join us at this upcoming wedding fair!

  • Be surrounded by everything wedding—venues, food, photographers, flowers, decor, cakes, musicians, and more!
  • Trusted vendors to help you throughout the planning process
  • Ideas, inspiration, suggestions and advice

For inquiries, please contact
Mobile: +254722-480068;+254719476398
Contact person: Beatrice Asami


Eat, Drink, and Shoot (With Your Camera)

Although you certainly have some drunken fun planned for your party or vacation, it doesn’t have to be the main objective. A great activity for bachelorette groups is to having fun and doing out of the norm activities. While learning photography and Instagram skills from a professional photographer, you can tour and sample your way around restaurants, sip and explore the locations to choose for the bachelorette party, Wine Collective, relish the many flavors, or build a unique event.

Rent a Home—and Make a Party of It.

Rent a villa out of the city places like Nanyuki,Diani,Lamu. Instead of competing against other bachelorette groups at hotels, friends are guaranteed to have a place to relax in and call their own.

Get Gorgeous With a Glam Squad

You’re about to rock a show-stopping outfit, so get that ring light ready. Request a glam squad, such as Make-up by Ruthie, to visit you with all the essentials to completely transform your appearance.

Learn Some Dance Moves.

Who doesn’t enjoy twirling about with their closest pals? Get the group together and enroll in several dance courses to hone your steps. Get down to some belly dancing, add some spice with a pole dance, or engage someone to help design dances for the wedding. You’ll be ready for the dance floor in no time.

Hit the Town

Want to croon a song for the bride? Invite your female pals to a dance party and karaoke session! In order to find a fantastic deal and ensure you get what you want, compare prices in advance as karaoke bars gain popularity. Consider hiring a private karaoke room for more fun! The upcoming? Perhaps it will enable more singing turns!

Wind Down with a Spa Day

While many brides might favor an alcohol- and friend-filled bachelorette party weekend, some might rather attend a more somber wellness retreat. We are fully aware of how hectic wedding planning can be, so taking a few days to unwind and catch up with your besties is a great idea.

7 principles of floral design

1 – Balance

Balance in design relates to how visual weight is distributed within a certain area. You can utilize symmetrical and asymmetrical balance in your floral arrangements.

A. Symmetrical equilibrium when the amount of material on all sides of the display is the same, such as in a typical triangle.

Asymmetrical balance, also known as an L-shape, is when materials are distributed unevenly on either side of the arrangement. It can be a more casual or contemporary design.

Open balance, on the other hand, is neither symmetrical nor asymmetrical. Used occasionally in patterns that feature radial or parallel groupings, such as the Biedermeier posy.


Using opposite elements, in contrast, can add visual interest. Color contrast is the most typical sort of contrast utilized in floral design. You do this by combining two hues at the opposing extremes of the color wheel (e.g., red and green, blue and orange).

You can make your designs more visually appealing and eye-catching by incorporating contrasting elements! By using contrasting elements in your designs, you can create more visually interesting and eye-catching arrangements!


Proportion and scale refer to the size of the elements (Flowers, Foliage, Containers and Accessories) in relation to each other and the overall design. The most important thing to keep in mind when working with proportion and scale is that the elements should be in proportion with each other (e.g., all the flowers are the same size). Everything has to look in proportion to each other and complement each other. A common mistakes would be using an extremely large container and designing a very small display in it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the overall scale of the design should be appropriate for the space it’s going into This closely related to proportion, It is the relationship between the overall design and the setting for the design (table, Altar, Stands, venue etc)Pro tip: When working with proportion and scale, make sure to use odd numbers of elements (e.g., three flowers instead of four). This will help create a more pleasing and visually interesting design


The hierarchy of elements in a design is discussed in terms of dominance and subordination. In other words, it’s the sequence in which the various design components catch your attention. You can impose dominance and subordination in your designs in one of two ways:

Size – In this case, larger pieces are used to emphasize a particular section of the design while smaller elements play a supporting role.

Color – In this case, lighter hues are used to highlight a particular portion of the design while darker hues blend into the background.


Unity and harmony refer to the way all the elements in the design work together to create a sense of cohesion. In other words, unity and harmony are about creating a design that is pleasing to the eye and easy to understand.

You can create unity and harmony in your designs by using similar colors, shapes, and/or textures throughout the design. You can also use repetition and rhythm to create unity and harmony.


Variety and interestingness refer to how the design is aesthetically appealing and visually engaging. By including a wide range of various features, you may add diversity and interest to your designs (e.g., different colors, sizes, and textures). To make your designs more interesting, you may also incorporate contrast, rhythm, and movement. Using a range of various elements can help you to add diversity and interest to your designs. This will keep the design interesting and pleasing to the eye.

Flower arrangement by @flowerartkenya

How to Create a Menu that Works with Common Diet Restrictions

Peanuts, gluten, seafood, eggs, and dairy are just a few of the many common food allergies. When serving a large group, the chances of someone having one of these allergies increases, so it’s important to plan ahead and have a menu that works for all your guests. There are several ways you can make sure you serve a menu that is inclusive and allows everyone to enjoy the event.

Ask for dietary restrictions
This may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the easiest ways to create a menu that accommodates everyone is to ask guests if they have any dietary restrictions when they RSVP. Whether they
register online or through the mail, include a way for guests to list any food allergies they may have. Even if only one guest has a specific allergy, be sure to take it into account .

Opt for dishes that fit for everyone
Once you have an idea of what kind of allergies and dietary restrictions your guests may have, start building your menu by looking for alternatives to those restricted foods. For instance, use
gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients and have salads and other veggie-based foods available for those who may be vegetarians and vegan.

Use labels
Even if you ask for dietary restrictions, it’s possible to miss one or two. To cover all bases, label your food and list out the main ingredients. People with food allergies would probably look for
ingredients to make sure it’s something they can eat. Make it easy for your guests by providing a menu with ingredients listed out under each item or by placing a card with listed ingredients next to each dish.

Keep it simple
If you’re serving a large crowd, it might be more challenging to make a menu that avoids everyone’s diet restrictions. In that case, keep your menu simple, and one that accommodates most diets. For
example, grilled vegetables and rice are two ingredients that many people can eat and are also a good option for those who are gluten or dairy-free. To play it even safer, offer a buffet to allow guests to choose what they want to eat.

Follow these simple steps, and you’re well on your way to creating a menu that everyone will enjoy.As a good rule of thumb, try to provide a variety of foods to fit not only different diets but also
different tastes and likes. Leave a way for guests to give comments about what they liked or didn’t like as well as what foods they couldn’t eat to keep in mind for your next event.

How to Select Wine for Your Wedding, According to a Sommelier.

Because, let’s face it, the wine you choose for your reception can actually make or break it (and budget). “How?” Perhaps you’re thinking. Choosing wines can enhance your wedding’s theme and elevate the occasion. Finding the greatest quality at reasonable costs is still crucial so you don’t break the bank while feeding your guests, even if you don’t care about matching your wine to your theme. There are countless wine and grape kinds available today from all over the world. Choosing wines can enhance your wedding’s theme and elevate the occasion.Read on tips, tricks according to a sommelier

Pick Wines and Grapes That Appeal to Your Palette

But no matter how much you study wine or read up on your grape varieties, the best way to pick the right wine for you is to choose what you like. And what better way to find out than trying as much wine as possible. For example, Red wine is a classic crowd favorite and will be about 50-60% of a wedding wine purchase.

Create a wine budget

Great wines can be served at your wedding without costing a fortune. There are many excellent, affordable wines to pick from these days because the wine industry is seeing a rise in quality. The cost of premium bottles starts at $8.Champagne and wine will probably make up 15% of the total budget for the reception.If you make arrangements for your caterer to supply the wine, it will usually be covered by the bar bill.

How Much Wine to Buy

Assuming that most guests will have two glasses of wine with dinner, a decent general rule of thumb is to allocate anywhere between a half and three-quarters of a bottle per person. Double that amount if the wines will also be offered with the cocktails, as visitors would probably sip on a glass or two before sitting down to eat.

The Number of guests attending the wedding.

How many guests will be drinking wine at your wedding? Do you have any devoted wine drinkers attending? Or do you know anyone who would rather drink beer? Wines and other alcoholic drinks that will be available at the bar should be taken into account. Add your table wines, then go further by including beer and spirits.

Financial tips for planning a wedding of your dreams.

Marrying our best friend is the ultimate celebration and one we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Make sure you stay mindful of your spending, so you’ll have something more than pictures when you start to build your life together. You really can create a stylish, special, and memorable occasion without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to help you plan your wedding.

Marry Out of Season.

Weddings are popular in April, August through to December, with the most popular day being Saturday. One simple way to save money on your wedding is to pick an unpopular time for your wedding. Most wedding venues and services will charge more during peak season when most couples jockey for their preferred dates. You can try to get married during the less celebrated holidays to get a three-day weekend. Make a rough guest list on how many people you want to be joining you at your wedding. An intimate setting should be somewhere around 30 to 50 guests, so you need to expect enough to cover that many people.

Your Wedding Transport

Although the majority of couples choose limousines for their weddings, this may get expensive. Can you borrow a good car from a friend or family member instead, or do you know someone who could rent you a vintage car for the day?

Set A Budget and Stick with It

According to studies, couples frequently spend more than they intend to. Estimate how much you can afford to spend on your wedding and honeymoon by sitting down with your significant other and/or family. Your wedding expenses should be paid in cash, which is cash that can be obtained without a loan, credit card, or withdrawal from retirement funds. Do some preliminary research to see how much the required items will cost. Create an approximate guest list of the number of individuals you wish to attend your wedding. You need to plan enough for that many individuals because an intimate setting should include 30 to 50 visitors.

Look out for Bargains

Always look around for the best deals. However, after the bridal season, wedding gowns are frequently reduced in price. Or check out the numerous internet stores that provide bridal and bridesmaid dresses at up to 30% off of retail prices. The earlier you begin your search for a deal, the better.

Accept Help from Friends and Family.

You might be able to engage a wedding planner for the last two months before the wedding if a full-service one is out of your price range. This is someone who examines your planning, reviews your contracts, and has the know-how to plan your party the day of so that every last detail is recalled. We’ll make sure the music starts on time, the cake is cut, your staff is managed, and everything else is taken care of so you can truly unwind and enjoy your celebration.

The Bottom Line

To be married, you don’t have to go bankrupt. The most joyful day of your life can be your wedding without jeopardizing your financial future. Create a budget for your wedding, be honest about how much you can afford, and search for ways to cut back on a number of expenses.

6 Major Proposal Mistakes to Avoid.

Making the choice to commit to someone for all time is a big one. Planning how you’ll ask the question also requires a lot of attention if you’ve decided that your partner is a good candidate for marriage and that you’re prepared to make the commitment yourself. The moment should be intimate and genuine, which may mean that it will not resemble anything you’ve seen in a movie or on Instagram. Therefore, how can a marriage proposal seem special without coming across as corny? Beyond focusing on what your partner will love most at the time, there are some blunders and clichés to stay away from to make the event go more smoothly

1.Don’t make it a total surprise. 

Priority one: under no circumstances should your spouse be unaware that a marriage proposal is imminent. Before the formal proposal, both members of a couple should be fully committed to marriage as it is a significant commitment. After talking about marriage, the proposal itself will feel more meaningful if it occurs at an unexpected time. However, don’t let the desire to entirely take your spouse off guard dictate your plans. Having a beat to process what is going on makes the moment even more special before it actually occurs.

2. Don’t ignore your partner’s wishes. 

Although flash mob proposals and unexpected flights to Paris have become commonplace thanks to social media, that style of the proposal isn’t for everyone, so it’s crucial to put your partner’s needs before your own. Grand gestures to declare your love for one another are not the point of romance. It has to do with consideration. This means that disobeying your partner’s preferences won’t benefit either of you or build a strong foundation of respect for their choices if they will make them feel more ashamed than excited by a huge display. You should approach your clothing with the same perspective and utilize it to guide your proposal preparations. Rethink your plan if yoga pants and shoes aren’t what your spouse had in mind for themself in the big moment and you want to pop the question on a hike or during another outdoor activity.

3. Don’t Memorize a big speech.

Most men simply blurt out “Will you marry me?” in the heat of the moment, forgetting all their preparations. Because of this, she suggests that clients make loose plans based on the following three points: What occurred before this time, Why do you need a spouse to survive, and Putting the real question forward. The pressure to deliver a speech flawlessly is reduced by using this structure, yet you are still guaranteed to say something passionate, meaningful, and substantial.

4. Don’t use a ring you have previously used.

Sometimes engagements and proposals fall through, and you find yourself starting a new relationship. That’s fantastic, but make the proposal with a fresh ring. To propose with the same ring you used for someone else is extremely disrespectful to the other person, and secrets from the start should be out of the way. The knowledge that the ring was previously worn puts our enjoyment in jeopardy.

5.Playing hide and sick with the ring.

You do not want to drop the ring in a glass of champagne or bury it in the dessert, despite what you may have seen in old movies or heard about your parents’ big day. It is hazardous and unhygienic. Your companion might unintentionally ingest it. Who wants to clean fudge off such a significant piece of jewelry before slipping it onto their finger, even in the best case scenario?

6.Don’t combine it with another occasion. 

The most common day to propose may historically be Christmas Day. The proposal day ought to be a separate occasion. It is all about them and their special moment. If you start doing things unrelated to the proposal right away, like opening presents or sitting down to a big family dinner, the significance of the moment will pass more quickly than it should. Additionally, you won’t have much alone time to cherish your time together.

9 Tips on How To Handle Wedding Planning Stress.

Of course, there are other stressors that couples must deal with, so we have additional advice for you below. Wedding preparation can quickly go from joyful and entertaining to terribly overwhelming, as any newly engaged couple will know. Even the most relaxed women can become anxious while arranging such a large party since there are so many duties to juggle, vendors to organize, and guests to handle. We think the road leading up to your wedding should be inspiring and upbeat, and the key to that is putting your health (and mental wellbeing!) first along the way.

  1. Put First things first

Get serious about the aspects that are most important to you for your ideal wedding before anything else. Most often, when organizing the finer details, couples lose focus on what really important to them. Make a list of your essential must-haves before you start hiring suppliers or paying deposits. This might be a farm-to-table dinner, a professional photographer, live flowers, etc. After spending hours surfing through Pinterest, you may then consult this list of priorities whenever worry starts to set in. You can be reminded to stick to your budget by returning to this list frequently. You’ll be able to save money by avoiding overpaying for things that are not required for your ideal wedding. And one of the biggest sources of stress for couples during the planning phase is the budget.

2. Work a Clear To-do List together

You might feel as though you have to climb a huge mountain of responsibilities while you arrange your wedding. If you approach it without a strategy, you’ll rapidly feel overwhelmed. Procrastination and anxiety may result from this, which may then increase stress.

First advice: Do not be defeated by your to-do list! Instead, tackle it as soon as you can. We advise writing out a list of concrete tasks that you can easily complete step by step after collecting all of your ideas. It almost never appears as impossible as it did in your head once you see everything laid out in writing. Additionally, you can reduce stress even more by developing a computerized work list and setting yourself automated reminders, so you can feel confident that nothing will be overlooked.

3. Contract a wedding planner

Say it with us: a wedding requires a village to plan! Don’t forget that this isn’t just your day. Don’t feel like you have to handle everything by yourself because your wedding is really a celebration for you, your partner, and your nearest and dearest.

Find a wedding planner if there is money available in the budget. They’ll assist with managing your budget, realizing your vision, maintaining organization, coordinating with other vendors, giving guidance in case any tricky situations emerge, and assisting you in unwinding on your wedding day. They manage everything.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate Tasks

Asking for assistance is never shameful. Delegating chores to your wedding party and other family members will keep you sane even if there is nothing wrong with being obstinately self-reliant.

These folks want you to succeed, and they also want this process to go as smoothly for you as possible. You, your spouse, and your loved ones are the focal points of your wedding. You don’t need to do every task by yourself.

5. Avoid Comparing Your Wedding To Others

The thief of joy is and always will be comparison. Apps like Instagram and Pinterest are excellent sources of wedding inspiration, but they may also make couples feel insecure about their own wedding. Not a competition, your wedding is a celebration of you and your spouse. Consider a digital detox if you find yourself constantly criticizing yourself for not being able to purchase the roses you saw on Instagram or the pricey neon sign you saw on Pinterest. These are inspiration-only tools, not evaluations of the value of your wedding.

6. Create Boundaries

The thief of joy is and always will be comparison. Websites like Instagram and Pinterest are excellent sources of wedding inspiration, but they may also make couples feel insecure about their own wedding. Not a competition, your wedding is a celebration of you and your spouse.

Consider a digital detox if you find yourself constantly criticizing yourself for not being able to purchase the roses you saw on Instagram or the pricey neon sign you saw on Pinterest. These are inspiration-only tools, not evaluations of the value of your wedding.

7. Don’t Panic about the Small Stuff

You will experience setbacks when arranging a wedding, just like in other aspects of life. It’s okay that way. It’s necessary to accept imperfection because it’s unavoidable . You won’t recall that the floral arrangements you wanted weren’t in season or that you couldn’t find the precise table runners you saw online once the wedding is over. Keep your eye on the larger picture whenever you start to fuss and feel overwhelmed.

8. Plan time away from date night

Setting aside time for and away from planning is one of the most effective methods to avoid giving in to wedding pressure. Scheduling time for wedding planning will help you differentiate between planning time and your spare time, whether you want to schedule Wine Wednesdays where you and your future husband get down and plan or you save time for the weekends.

Spend your free time concentrating on self-care, which can take many different forms. You could go for a stroll outside, get your nails done, write in your notebook, take a hot bath, hit the gym, or binge-watch The Office for the hundredth time. Do whatever brings you the most joy. We advise keeping a stress-free place devoid of any wedding-related activities, such as a bedroom or office space.

9. Remember The Big Picture

Remembering the larger picture is the most crucial and last piece of advice we can provide you. The biggest celebration in town is not ultimately what your wedding is about. It’s about getting married to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and sharing that joy with your loved ones. The fact that you are getting married to the love of your life will not change if you are worried about the seating arrangement or the supper menu. Even while there may never be a time when preparing for a wedding is fully stress-free, it’s important to look after yourself. Take a deep breath, stand back, and consider these suggestions whenever you are feeling overburdened. Take a deep breath, stand back, and consider these suggestions whenever you are feeling overburdened. Play this uplifting wedding preparation music to keep your spirits high and have a little fun dancing!

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