The design and flavour matters

During the Samantha’s Bridal Wedding Fair there was an annually cake challenge. During the fair people voted for the cakes on display and there was one cake that stood out of all on display, that cake carried the day as it won the competition making Cake Elegance earn the title baker of the year.

Photo by Digital Eye
Photo by Digital Eye

Business Daily featured the story of one Sonia Farookh the owner of Cake Elegance and she said that over the years the style of baking cakes, the décor surrounding the wedding cake has really changed. The usual fruit cakes are no longer the order of the day; instead more of chocolate, vanilla and carrot or even mixed flavors are being used more.

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Photo by Digital Eye

Sonia trained abroad and says that she gets her inspiration for cakes from ordinary things. Over the years she has learnt the art of packaging a cake with good shock absorbers to avoid damage on transit. The price of a cake varies depending on the weight, flavor and design; it ranges from kshs 2500 to kshs80000. For a wedding cake she bakes one cake at a time to concentrate on it, to bring out the right taste and décor to meet her clients needs.

The recent cake she baked for KISS100 Radio Presenter Kalekye Mumo and the design was stunning, mounted on a chandelier. Cake is no longer the traditional cake we used to know.

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