5 Tips to consider when choosing an engagement ring


Although the ring is removable, its shape and size will matter depending on the amount of handiwork she may be involved in. Remember the higher the positioning of the gemstone on the ring, the easier it is for it to get caught of clothes, surfaces etc thus a greater possibility of being knocked out. This goes to say you must put into thought your fiancee’s lifestyle, if she’s the real outdoorsy kind of girl, keep the gem positioned low, get a flashy rock for a fashionista and consider vintage for a girl with the same trait.

2.Ring Size
Don’t guess her size! The last thing you want is breaking her finger while you are down on one knee.Just for this one time, ignore your conscience and steal one of her rings to have it sized by a jeweler and while you’re in her jewelry box, forget the penal code on trespass and take a few cell-phone shots so you can remember what she likes.

ring size 1

3.Be selfish…

Just for today, she will most likely want the wedding bands to match her engagement ring. Dear loved one, remember your wedding band will also match hers. The only way to avoid having a band that gets people second guessing your orientation is treating the 4Cs with some futuristic seriousness! As fit as a fiddle? Just Customize Ask your jeweler if its possible. You may not exactly find what you are looking for or what she desires: go bespoke. Consider too you may not want to customize the ring just yet, but as the trends and century turns, it may be passed on in the family heirloom.



4.Oh Yeah…This could shoot a hole!

Yes it might, and understandably so. But you don’t have to take a loan to put a ring on it. I believe by now you are thinking marriage, and so both of you know just how far you can stretch your cheque books. Prove yourself worth her life despite the post recession report!

5.One More Thing ….
Be nice to her friends, the ones who can keep a secret. Find out what she loves, what she dreams about what she has always wanted. If need be, sketch your covert mission with them. You are now

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