The ultimate Guide for Flower Girls

All girls young and old attest to this; being a flower girl allows even the most unassuming of us to live the Cinderella tales once in our life- time. As a member of the wedding party, she needs to share in the glamor and glory of your celebra- tion; you will want to give her a lasting memory, which just like the bride starts from feeling more than a million buck as every last guests flips their iPhones towards her and her petal basket! Just like Cinderella, her dress and sandals will have a lot to do with her mood and presence.

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Thus, when choosing a flower girl’s dress, comfort should be the uttermost guideline; you want a hap- py mini-bride trotting ahead of you, and not a total mini version of the bride but with limply feet and goose bumps, or hair up-dos rivaling the matron! Remember this flowery princess will walk in right ahead of you, and any little sign of discomfort on her part may interfere with the mood of your celebration. Ensure that the dress is made of comfort- able fabric and soft materials that will not cause itch on her delicate skin. Little girls may have a strong affinity for their mum’s closet; but putting her in high heels will only result to a whining princess, not too good a show for the fairy tale in the making. Beautiful ballerina flats (no matter how much she may beg for heels) that are made of patent leather to ensure her feet breath throughout the day will work magic on her day-long comfort.

Do take her to dress measurement and trials to allow her just a glimpse of the fun ahead and ascertain her fit, again, let her try the shoes and break into them before the wedding day.


Style will also play a major factor in choosing the little ones dress; what is the style of your wedding? Although the wedding gown design has dramatically changed through the seasons, the style of the flower girl can be said to have evaded this metamorphosis. Maybe because, she is a child and you can only go too far or maybe because between deigning the world’s most sought after gown and churning bridesmaids wear that rival the bride’s; designers conveniently forget the little fairies! You can opt to have the flower dress made into a special little version of the bride’s wedding gown or even a flower girl version of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Of course, bear in mind that the end product must be age-appropriate.
After you have done all the checks for stylish comfort, check on the formality of your nuptials; where is the location of your wedding, is it a casual, ocean front, sun and sand affair or a solemn church ceremony? If you are having your wedding on the beach, then your flower girl’s dress should be something in light and airy colors, such as pastels (light pinks, blues, yel- lows, etc.) and simple designs. If you are having your wedding in a ballroom setting, then you want to pick a fancy princess dress for your flower girl.
A little age-appropriate jewelry will make your girls feel appreciated, and so is a hairdo which crowns her baby- radiance. Look for tiaras and bows to add that extra shimmer. Avoid make up as their skin is quite sensitive, and anyway-nature is yet to play tricks with her skin! She will look radiant with her baby face undisturbed. A spritz of perfume will do the trick.

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A lot of designers also advise that a flower girl’s dress should be either floor length, or tea-length. This will ideally affect any other accessories like stockings; you surely do not want to put your Cinderella in an aisle sweeping dress and stockings underneath! Again, the length of the dress should be in sync with the venue; for instance, a beach, forest and park wedding may not be very ideal for floor sweeping dresses, while too short a dress may not be suited for a church event. Still on length, floor sweeping dresses may only be suitable for older girls as the younger ones may tend to stumble on the seams.

Both the predicted weather and the season will also make a big factor to the flower girl’s dress; cold seasons/destinations may call for a sleeved dress, or a strappy one that can be paired with a bolero.
Finally, after she’s all dressed in her princess role, let her be. Do not fuss over a missed beat or skipped step, look past the already juice stained dress and embrace the child’s spontaneity. Remember practice makes perfect, but do not obsess, that’s the appeal of being a child.

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