Would you invite your absentee parent to your wedding?

We’ve seen the pain that can come up during a wedding and there is an absent parent. This is an issue that’s near and dear to our bride Diana as seen on My Dream Wedding.

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As always, the real difficulty with a wedding is that it puts how we wish things were into conflict with reality. They say that out of three major events in life; your birth, your wedding and your death, there is only one you have control over and that is your wedding day.

Photography by Ben Kiruthi
Photography by Ben Kiruthi

Parents are a very big part of a wedding and their blessings are important, according to the traditional customs and beliefs. They play important roles such as walking the bride down the aisle and handing over of their little girl to the man of her dreams, sometimes paying for the ceremony, as well as giving advice to the newly weds.

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However, due to unavoidable circumstances one or both parents may be absent to experience this important step in life for the bride and groom concerned and one of the reasons may be because they were absent in your life as you were growing up so you feel there is no need to have them present on the biggest event of your life.Whatever you chose to do, there are certain things to think about.

Photography by Digital Eye

Parents are there for their children and get involved in the emotional, physical and mental growth and the same goes for when you are planning your wedding. So if they were absent throughout your growth, would you then invite them to your wedding?


The wedding will not have to be the ultimate determination of your relationship with your absent parent, but either decision comes with a deep emotional impact. You know that only you alone can make the decision, but if you were in a situation like this, what would you do?

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