Bridesmaid Guide

She asked you to be in her wedding, and now you’re wondering what the job entails.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an etiquette guru or event diva to play this role perfectly. Being a bridesmaid is ultimately about love and friendship. Being there for the bride in body, mind and spirit. It’s about learning to laugh even when you are wearing the worst dress and shoes of your life. It’s about finding special ways to celebrate friendship, and provides perfect excuse to party with the girls. You simply need to be your most fun and supportive self and handle a few basic tasks to nail your job with poise and grace. These are the Golden rules that every fabulous bridesmaid should live by;


Be fabulous

Being fabulous is about being the best friend you can be, loyal, enthusiastic, fun, gorgeous, and true. This has very little to do with money but everything to do with attitude; that is feeling love and respect for the bride’ you if you don’t love and respect the bride, or you have doubts, think again about being on the line up. Imagine how you will feel after spending a lot of money, hosted parties, logged in hours of being supportive.


Say yes to her dress

The simplest strategy of dealing with a not so flattering bridesmaid dress is to graciously accept it. Wear whatever and pay whatever the bride wants for as long as it’s reasonable of course.


Know the bride

No matter how many bridal line-ups you have been on, every bride is different from each other. And every bride will want different things from her bride’s maids. Use your knowledge of her personality to provide the kind of support she may need. Does

She has an obnoxious mother in-law? Be the interface when the woman gets bossy. Or is she worried about getting the perfect dress? Take her for dress fittings in different bridal gown houses. As a friend you have everything it takes to be a good Bridesmaid especially of you think a lot around on how you can help instead of just assuming that you know her well enough to read her mind.


Stay tech savvy

Just like any job, you must stay on top of technology trend and being a bride’s maid is not different. Check the Internet for bridal shower ideas; view different bridesmaids dress designs, look at different color combos and wedding ideas for the bride. It only takes a few minutes.


Have no expectations

Getting married is very overwhelming and sometimes brides become neurotic. Please don’t abandon her when she needs you most! Your emotional support and sense of humor are the keys to her sanity. She may not be able to show gratitude in the way you expect for example sending formal thank you notes, gifts etc. so have no expectations and you will not be disappointed.

Be a bond girl

Bond with the rest of the bridesmaids whether you already know then or not. You are all the brides dear friend sand it’s her desire that you get a long. Having a tight knit bridal party is every brides dream


Take direction

The wedding is a show, you are the cast and the bride is the director. And together you are going to put on fabulous show for all invited. This means you may have to sometimes keep your opinions to yourself most of the time no matter how knowledgeable you are on matters wedding, do not make assumptions

What the bride wants. It is not your wedding, just remember that. Take direction from the bride.

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Be good to yourself

Don’t sacrifice anything to dear for the bride or you might be very resentful in the future, be realistic about your schedule if you don’t live near and cant make if for some of the parties leading up to the wedding let her know in advance. Don’t get caught in petty drama with other bridesmaids. Remember the big picture, you love the bride, she loves you and weddings are a celebration of love and friendship.

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