Amazing Lace Gowns

At Samantha’s bridal we always have our finger firmly on the pulse of developing trends as we seek to bring you the very best of weddings. we love this lace Pronovias gown show cased in Bacelona Spain.906275_10152471504019747_376187974400132105_o

Lace bridal gown is timeless style. Whether you choose an entire lace gown or even just some lace accents it will be romantic and popular. 2012/2013 saw a sharp rise in its use. The trend continues to gather pace and lace is now one of the most favored fabrics by bridal designers worldwide.

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When lace first gained widespread popularity in the 16th century, it became a status symbol since lace was exceptionally costly. A person’s wealth and social standing could be easily determined by the amount of this lavish decoration he or she wore.


Once thought by many to be too old-fashioned and ultra-traditional, lace is one of the hottest things in bridal these days. This versatile textile simultaneously reveals and conceals and can be romantic or bold, classic or edgy, demure or sexy, formal or casual—all depending on how bridal designers choose to use it. Regardless of your style, there is a lace to suit your tastes. You just have to find the right lace for you.

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