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What do you do when you fall in love with more than one dress? Finding ‘the one’ can be difficult and an emotional time for the bride. But when a bride finds more than one dress and can’t often, the answer is to buy them all. To pull off just one wedding look requires a lot of and planning and work in terms of styling the gown, imagine how much work would go into effortlessly pulling off more than one look? This means double the budget and extra work.

Most fashion forward brides are choosing to wear more than one gown for each part of the ceremony, the vow exchanging ceremony, the wedding reception and the evening party. Sounds like a lot, but for some brides who just can’t decide on which dress to pick, this is a fun trend to try, of course if money is not an obstacle. Every bride’s wedding day is special to them so why not make it even more special and have some fun while at it, by having more than one gown?

Carol Gakuo Khisia wanted to be that exceptional bride so she went ahead and purchased four gowns for her wedding day. Carol had four dresses, two for the daytime and two for the evening. She wanted something decent for the church ceremony, so she wore a one shoulder, ruffled tulle skirt gown.



For the afternoon reception, she wore a strapless ball gown with an embellished bodice. For the evening reception she wore two dresses of the same design but different colours.




“I keep telling my friends, after a couple of years, after we are married; my husband will just be coming home to find me in the dress. Just to remind him how amazing I was on our wedding day” says Carol.

Rhoda wore three different dresses for the morning ceremony, afternoon reception and evening party. The first dress was a ball gown with ruffles, the second was a simple mermaid gown which was lighter than the first one; perfect for her to loosen up and be able to dance freely.

rodah and tony (26 of 36) rodah and tony (4 of 36)


The after party dress was a black puffed up skirt with red body suit tucked inside, inspired by Jessica Parker from sex and the city.


Joy wore two dresses for her big day. The morning ceremony dress was a ball gown that made her feel and look like a princess, which is what she wanted



and for the afternoon reception, she had on a simple mermaid gown with a raffled bottom. She was able to pull off a special dance for the guests at the reception and the dress was no hindrance.


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