Popular Akorino model Peris Wanjiku AKA Pesh officially tied the knot in a colorful white wedding. The beauty of the ceremony was there for all to see as a blend of elegance, glamour and tradition brought out its vibrancy.

Akorino is a word that arises from the term Mukurino among the Agikuyu community of Central Kenya, which means deliverer. They are a religious based group and are known for their trademark white head wraps.

Pesh rose to the limelight in the modeling industry by refusing to remove her head wrap. Her boldness to stay true to her culture became an inspiration to many.

Not much was known about her fiancé, Dan Magenda until she walked down the aisle. The beauty Queen had been keeping her life private and said Yes when her fiancé proposed. The news of the wedding came as a shock to her fans that thought she was single and took to social media to congratulate their union after she posted the pictures to the stunning wedding. “We started out as friends then after a few years, he told me that he had developed romantic feelings for me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I am so happy because he has been very supportive to me, especially my modeling career,” she stated.

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