White Wedding Meets Culture

Culture is the combination of values and traditions that distinguish different communities. The richness in the beliefs and values is part of our diversity and individuality. It is very important in our society as it represents the traditions that were put in place by our fore fathers. This ensures we have a sense of belonging and ownership and it is important that we maintain and carry forward our culture through to the next generations to ensure the community has a sense of belonging.

Though with times having changed and many people embracing the western culture, some brides are still opting to have a little element of their culture in their white wedding to symbolize important beliefs, traditions and values.

You can include the accessories traditionally worn in wedding ceremonies and pair them with your wedding dress and have similar elements on your bridesmaid’s dresses, groomsmen and the groom’s attire. You can also add little traditional elements in the décor and incorporated traditional songs and dance that were performed during wedding ceremonies in ancient times.











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