Want your wedding flowers to last? Try out silk flowers as an alternative for your nuptial

Silk flowers have become the latest trend in wedding décor. They are  are priceless, timeless flowers but don’t have a smell to them right off like fresh flowers do. This can be good if you have an allergy to fresh flowers. This isn’t the only reason you should use silk wedding flowers to compliment your best day.

Catherine Nambisia, who has been in the wedding business for the last 20 years, gives us some of the advantages of using silk flowers in your wedding:

  • Unlike the real flowers, they have an advantage of not wilting especially during the hot season and they won’t freeze during the cold season.
  • They are light in weight making the bouquets much easier to carry for the bride.
  • They do not require much watering are more durable which means that they can still retain their beauty many years after the big day.
  • As a bride, you won’t worry about its blooms sagging, falling apart or being stomped on by your naughty flower girl!
  • She notes that despite the fact that silk flowers can be a bit expensive than the real ones, it is advisable to use them as you might end up paying more for certain types of flowers that may be out of season when you get married.
  • Silk flowers can be found in every color and shape, in and out of season and can be just as stunning as fresh flower arrangements.

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If you want to learn more on silk flowers, visit her stand at the Samantha’s Bridal Fair from the 3rd to 5th March  and know how to make your decor stunning on your big day!

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