Making your own wedding gown is not a walk in the park. One requires experience as this is something that is made with love for a union with your partner. The gown should be something special which you can treasure for many years and look back on with fond memories.

For Linda Onchwati, it took time, experience, expertise  and assistance from her aunt not only to make her Asian themed gown but her bridal party attires as well. She gives us tips on what it takes to make your own gown:

1.  Set a budget.  Just because you are making a dress doesn’t mean that it will be cheaper than purchasing one.  One requires an immense amount of fabric and, depending up on your chosen fabric content, it may be costly.  If your nuptial has a strict budget, make sure you consider the cost of your gown carefully.

2.  Know your limits.  If you’ve never sewn a garment before, it’s not a good idea to make that first dress your wedding dress.  I’m not saying that a beginner can’t sew a wedding dress, but if your sewing skills are not terribly advanced, don’t choose a dress that is too complicated.  Choose a simpler design or get someone more experienced to help you.

3.  Look at bridal wedding websites, magazines and photos of bridal gowns  you love.  Carefully figure out the various aspects of these gowns appeal to you and what embellishments are must-haves for your dress.  Don’t restrict yourself to just looking at wedding gowns, particularly if you desire to be unique and different from other brides.

4.  Study your pattern choices carefully.  Once you know what you want, search for patterns that illustrate your design.  Be sure to study the line drawings closely, taking notice of different bodice and skirt shapes.  Remember that a pattern is just a jumping off point. You can mix-and-match or alter patterns to achieve your silhouette, then add embellishments after you finalize the base dress pattern.  Don’t be limited by bridal patterns either, as you may find what you want in the special occasion, historical, or casual dress categories.

5.  Make sure you do your research carefully: By choosing to sew your gown,  you may be entering into a new area of sewing.  Before you start making your gown, make sure that you read a few applicable books to get a feel of the task that you’ll be undertaking.   Not only will they familiarize you with the process, but they will be resources to help you along the way.

Gown designer: Linda Onchwati

Photo by Samanthas bridal

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