7 Tips For A Successful Dream Wedding

1.Wedding Budget

To have your dream wedding  doesn’t mean you have to  spend loads instead of thinking of a wanna-have list ask yourself “what can we afford to spend?” The easiest way to cut down on your wedding budget? Trim your guest list for that dream wedding, It is a fact that most of wedding expenses go to dining your guests. Remember, venue costs are likely to account for about one third to half of your budget.

2.Have a  wedding prioritization checklist

Once you know your budget, first things first is aim’s to work out how much you  actually can afford to spend on different things and know the priorities, what’s important to YOU.Write down all the things you need to spend money on. Always keep in mind that you don’t need to stick to convention or have everything you’re told you need. Discuss what’s most important to both of you. You may want a funky themed wedding cake, but would you rather a honeymoon abroad? Or a professional photographer?

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3.Start booking as many vendors  as soon as possible in advance.

You will be shocked how venues and vendors are usually booked up very quickly so it’s safe to secure all things for the set date as soon as possible. This will ensure that Not only do you have more options but it’s less straining as you the wedding day gets closer.

4.Prepare an alternate plan in case of weather acting up against you.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding chose a venue that has a hall or ballroom or cover pavilion available on your date just in case everything goes south on the wedding day.It is also a good idea to do your research on the weather for your set date and choose the set up according to the weather predicament for that season.For example in Kenya August is known to be a hot month is outdoor wedding is preferable for a date on this month and July is cold so an indoor wedding is preferable.But remember August is the wedding season month so keep in mind tip number 1 book vendors and venue as soon as possible.


5.Have a wedding coordinator the day of the wedding. 

For a perfectly timed wedding. The wedding coordinator will help usher the guests from ceremony to reception, you can have appetizers and drink in waiting. If you have done the planning yourself be sure to engage the wedding coordinator at least 4 weeks prior so that she has a clear picture of what you want on the day and implement them for you so you don’t have to stress out on your big day.

6.Put in mind how your guests will get to the venue. 

If the venue is in a remote area, have a bus to ferry guests from a central place to the wedding venue. This arrangement will put guests at ease that they didn’t have to drive and could enjoy more cocktails. And to cut the wedding budget cost have the ceremony and reception venue in one place if possible or as close to each other as possible.

Photography: Ben Kiruthi

7.Ensure you have a relaxed day before the wedding and restful night sleep. 

It is important that you wake up as early as possible depending on you days program  to ensure everything is not done in a rush and you surely have a successful and happy day. Plan at least 4 hours period for preparation to the time you leave the house to the venue. The best way to enjoy the day is to have everything happen in its time but if you loose on time ensure you catch up with time as early as possible by cutting down on unimportant things to avoid having a rushed event.


Photography: Photoshots Kenya
Photography: Photoshots Kenya


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