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Wedding Decor ideas



Décor is not just a thoughtful colour scheme and carefully arranged flowers; it creates and sets the stage for any event. In this case,  the event is your nuptial; and it needs the sets and backdrops to set the stage, create the atmosphere, and stimulate and energize the guests. Gorgeous centerpiece,  floral designs as well as lighting might just be what you need to bring life to your event.

Photo by George Adulu

Decor by Catherine Nambisia of classic functions




Most weddings will never leave out the cake and in recent times, brides and grooms have become more creative with what they offer their guests as their ‘first meal.’ Concepter and Daniel opted for an African inspired wedding cakes that is dramatic, full of huts, animal prints, trees, traditional beads and more.


Photo by George Adulu

Cake done by Cake countour

Desire to have a fun filled wedding? Here are the three C’s to look out for a good MC


Most couples do not understand the significance of having a great MC host their wedding. To cut costs, they either use their sanguine uncle or their best friend who most often than not ends up killing the vibe or being partisan in the wedding. The main role of a Master of Ceremonies is to “conduct” the entire event.  A good MC should ensure  that the program runs smoothly, runs on time and that all important people at the event are introduced in a complimentary, professional manner. As Kimaru Maina, an associate MC at Sisimsha Entertainment puts it, a couple should consider the three C’s, which are Competence, Character and Chemistry before signing up an MC. 

Here is is a brief interview that we had on who he is and what being an MC is all about:

1. What do you love the most about working in the wedding industry?

I love what weddings represent. I believe my purpose on earth is to paint a picture of what God originally intended marriage for marriages: and what a better way to begin this painting than to be with couples as they begin their beautiful journey of marriage.

2. What is Sisimsha Entertainment known for?

Sisimsha entertainment is a team of fun lively yet professional MC.s. These are the qualities that most people love about us. The first job of an MC is to bring life to a wedding i.e make sure everyone at the wedding has the time of their life. The second half which is equally important, is to professionally manage the wedding i.e make sure the wedding runs on time while managing the program participants yet with utmost respect. We pride in being amongst the very few MC.s who simultaneously bring fun and efficiency at a wedding.

3. What inspires you?
Seeing a couple happy: I will continue being a wedding MC for so long as I see couples enjoying themselves as they begin their journey of marriage.

4. What are the current trends?

Interesting to note is how more and more couples desire to dance and to have everyone in their wedding join them in a dancing. While comedy was a great form of entertainment years back, dancing seems to be taking the center stage more and more.

5. What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Every wedding should be unique just as the wedding couple is unique. I therefore have to reinvent myself as an MC, to make sure I uniquely customize each wedding to meet the desire of the couple. It is not always an easy job, but it is for this reason that we work as a band of MC.s so we can continue to bring original funky ideas that spice up any wedding we entertain.

6. What is Sisimsha Entertainment’s focus this year?

For the years 2014 and 2015, Sisimsha Entertainment has embarked on raising the level of professionalism offered by MC in the wedding industry: to retire the uncles and cousins from having to work in their relative’s wedding. While we remain humbled by the level of confidence we have received in this industry, we desire that many more MC. in the market offer equally great standards of competence. In effect, this will raise the bar of professionalism in the art of being an MC in the wedding industry.

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