Eliminate your fears and doubts about bride fitness

What’s your ultimate inspiration for getting fit and healthy as a bride? To some, it’s the engagement while others, it’s the imagination of how they will look on the wedding day and after it. Many brides out there have divergent opinions on why they want to be fit within the time they have.

Although being fit is ideal for everyone, you might have certain fears and doubts about it. That may make you fail to achieve your goal.

The truth is that being fit before the great day and remaining better after that is crucial for you. It will make you look great and admire yourself. Your self-esteem will also get a boost.

We were lucky to have a session with Coach George Oluoch, a fitness, and nutrition expert. He shared vital information about the topic. Read on to find out from the subsequent sections.

Which factors inspire brides to be fit?

Here are some of the reasons why brides aim at being in their best shape.


Everyone has got that person they mostly look up to. They can be their role model or just a friend who influences most of their actions. They always want to do what they do and even sacrifice to undergo the processes involved to achieve their goal.

That also applies to bride fitness. According to Coach George, many people’s fitness routines gets influenced by others. Another person’s fitness routine might inspire you to the extent of copying them. Also, the results achieved by them after their fitness strategy has worked out may encourage you to have a plan.

What you consume on the internet also plays a role. If you read fitness articles online alongside watching fitness-related videos, you will get motivated to start working out.

Need for a reference

How do you feel when you look at the image you took years ago and realize you were in good shape? You will admire them and even want to show them to your friends. The presence of social media platforms will also allow you to share them with the world.

That’s how good it feels when you are in the perfect shape you have been desiring. George asserts that the urge to look at your image in the future and see how good you looked might also motivate you to work out.

Weddings and other events associated with it can’t miss a photographer. The imagination of taking a photo in good shape will encourage you to set a fitness routine. You will want to get it right both in body shape and fitness. Joining a fitness program within the time will be a good way of fulfilling your desires.

Need to fit dream dress

We all have that dress that we always admire. Maybe it’s the latest trend you saw in town or just a unique designer outfit. How would you feel when you realize that it does not fit you anymore? 

Many people get disappointed when they realize they can’t put on an outfit they have admired for a long time, especially after spending their money on them. It is a piece of bad news that no one desires.

As such, they plan to get over the disappointments by having a fitness plan. Probably that is also your situation. Joining a fitness program will be an idea worth pursuing. You can also have your DIY plan without joining any costly programs and still make it.

Body goals

Everyone has a body goal they want to achieve. To make them realistic, they have to work consistently and remain positive. The same applies to bridal fitness and wellness. You may also not want to maintain your current body shape.

The urge to appear a certain way at a particular stage will make you set a fitness goal. It might be long-term or short-term. But, it must help you achieve your body goal.

Here are the reasons you might fail to achieve your fitness goal

It’s easy to set a fitness goal. However, achieving it might not be possible for some people. From our session with Coach George, we realized that the following are some of the reasons why you might fail to achieve yours.

Not setting goals properly

It is always ideal to set smart goals than just setting general ones. To develop better goals, define them and know the exact things you want to achieve. For instance, when creating a fitness goal. Be specific with what you want to achieve. 

Sadly, most of us fail because we don’t know much about fitness and tend to generalize the idea. Setting general goals such as “to lose weight” or to “get in shape” in most cases become unachievable.

That keeps you away from following the right processes towards achieving your goals, thus giving up on the way. The goals are also general, making it difficult for you to measure whether you have attained them or not. It will make you lose interest in the long run and get back to your old ways of life.

Undefined deadlines

There is a saying that “what gets measured gets accomplished,” and of course, it’s the reality. If you set a goal but fail to set specific deadlines, you will only dream of achieving it and fail in the process.

If you have deadlines, you will have a sense of urgency in your undertakings. Most brides fail to achieve their fitness goals because they don’t have strategic deadlines. Failing to have long-term and short-term deadlines will only make your fitness journey difficult.

Lack of consistency

We all know how good it is to set goals that we can achieve. Surprisingly, we fail to follow through and lose focus midway. It justifies that having a plan is a half accomplished goal. You need to execute them to achieve what you want.

Most of the brides start well with the drive and determination to achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, they get distracted along the way, thus their failure. Get distractions out of the way to achieve your fitness dream.

If you promise yourself to work out at a certain time of the day and you don’t, it will become a habit. That will make you inconsistent along the way hence stopping you from achieving the ultimate goal.

Love for shortcuts

It’s the nature of human beings to desire results by putting in minimum effort. Funnily, the majority of the people yearn to get better results within the shortest time without much effort. As a bride, following shortcuts will make you fail quickly and give up.

You will bump on various products, such as weight loss pills that retail at lower prices. That will  make you stop your workout routine. Unfortunately, you will only end up wasting time and achieve nothing in the end. It’s what has seen the majority of the brides fail in their workout process.

Do the following to achieve your fitness goals

After realizing that you can fail to achieve your fitness goals, you should know what to do to avoid becoming a victim. Here are a few recommendations from our session with coach  George for you.

Focus on your “why”

The initial step to achieving your fitness goals as a bride is knowing why you put in all the effort. Why are you sacrificing your time for the exercises? Are you aiming to look good in your dress as you walk down the aisle?

If you know your why and the answer to it, you will not fail to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Focusing on the why also cuts across knowing yourself. You should be aware of what you can achieve and what you can’t. That way, you will avoid too much pressure that might make you fail.

Your nutrition matters

Energy is power. Without it, achieving any goal might not be possible for you. You must be having a well-balanced diet to attain your fitness goals. Your nutrition is the greatest contributor to your fitness.

It constitutes about 80% of what we do. Therefore, liaise with a nutrition specialist to guide you on walking your fitness journey with the appropriate diet.

Find an accountability partner

If you do not enjoy workouts alone, the thought of going it alone in the next weeks or months may be tedious. 

What if you join a fitness program or find a fitness partner to keep you in check and motivate you? That will encourage you to work out more on your plan and achieve the goals you have set. Getting in touch with a fitness specialist will also help you better plan and guide you on the do’s and don’ts.

Set short term and long-term goals

Don’t just aim for the wedding day alone. Fitness plans should be both short and long-term based. Knowing your major wedding fitness goal will allow you to set other better goals alongside that will help in complementing it. Don’t set goals that you won’t achieve. Just set smart ones.

Fitness remains a vital topic for every bride. You should never be hesitant to start your fitness plan. Work out frequently and remain consistent. You will realize that it is not as sophisticated as you thought.


Romantic Ideas for a Stay-at-Home Date Night

Without a doubt, married couples tend to have overloaded schedules. Between working full-time and taking care of the kids, who are now stuck at home too, you barely find time for each other. Now really is the time to develop cooking skills, and possibly have a dining area makeover to make meals a part of the day you anticipate for.

Indulge in unique, refreshing and fun dining experiences to keep the spark alive. If you have youngsters at home, it would be best to take them for a play date so that you have the house all to yourselves. We don’t want them to come between the fun, do we?

A date night doesn’t have to be extravagant to make a point to your partner. Call it cliché, but it’s the little things that matter most. Below are creative ideas for an at-home date night that you and hubby can indulge in to kindle the romance- no special occasion required:

  • Have a Cook-off

There are a variety of great tutorials on delectable recipes that you and your partner can try out on various online platforms such as YouTube. Brainstorm on your favorite cuisines and decide which meals you’d want to cook for each other. A cook-off challenge adds some fun and playful competition as you experiment with different cooking techniques and ingredients. When done fixing each other a plate, beautifully set up the dinner table with a lovely tablecloth and matching napkins, an alluring centerpiece, and the locked up fine china you barely use.

  • Balcony, Backyard or Garden Dinner Set-up

Take advantage of your outdoor space and make the most of it by creating an intimate, enchanting, captivating oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. Enjoy the sunset and later chatter away the night under the stars as you reminisce about the good times. Have warm blankets, some wine or hot drinks to chase away the cold.

  • Indoor Campout

Revisit one of your favorite childhood projects- the blanket fort, by simply constructing a “den” indoors. All you need is draping sheets, blankets, a rug, pillows, pegs, and minimalistic lights. This space is perfect for chilly nights accompanied by cozy recipes. Get cuddly, chatty, or even play a film underneath if you please. Not too sappy, I hope?

  • Movie Night

Snuggle up with your partner as you binge-watch shows online over finger-licking food or snacks and drinks. Create a movie theatre atmosphere in your living room by dimming the lights and placing scented candles. Keep it dark, intimate, elegant and tasteful as you possibly can. Whether you’re into comedy, horror, action, or fantasy films- make it worth your while. Don’t forget the popcorn!

  • Game Night

Break away from the monotony of a long week by pulling out a deck of cards; playing board games; charades; scrabble; having head-to-head Play Station games or even play the classic Truth or Dare for an epic game night. Choose the right games, themes and rules that work for the two of you. Don’t forget to prepare scrumptious finger foods, and refreshing drinks to get you through the night.

  • Spa Time

Without a doubt, a massage is rejuvenating and relaxing, but you should sometimes skip the expensive spa day appointment and let your partner do the rubbing. Couples can experience so many benefits from giving and receiving massages at home, including forming deeper connections both physically and emotionally.

Play some soothing music as you massage each other in turns to mellow out, release tension and connect more as a couple. Pick the best spot, and massage oils as you knead those knots away. Communicate verbally (or-non verbally) to be certain you’re hitting the right tight spots, and at the right pressure. A rubdown so good can lead to great things.


No matter what you choose to do with your significant other, the idea of the date nights is to connect, and somehow make it special and memorable while of course; mitigating on costs. Although it can be fun and worthwhile to go out once in a while, you can also stay in and enjoy all the benefits of a regular date night with your loved one. Plan for that date night soon and stoke the flames of desire!

Written by Janet Ayara


Save Time and Money by planning your wedding at the Samanthas Wedding Fair!

Jubilant couples are looking for ways to reduce their wedding budget without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. Samanthas Wedding Fair can help them do just that, by delivering more than 125 wedding vendors to the SARIT CENTRE from 1-3 March.

Instead of driving from one end of town to another, searching for parking and dashing through the rain to visit caterers, bridal boutiques and florists, couples can pay just one admission each for the opportunity to meet every professional on their list, including event facility coordinators, invitation designers and photographers etc. In addition, couples can save by shopping the Shows two-day gown sale, where hundreds of wedding dresses will be offered at steep discounts.

The Show and sale will take place. 1-3 March from 10 am to 5 pm , fashion shows everyday 1-2 and 5-6 pm.
Tickets are available at the door


Every bride wants to, and in fact must look beautiful, dazzling and make a lasting impression on her special day. Brides to be should begin consulting for hair and beauty 4 to 6 months before the wedding. Some brides opt to do the makeup themselves. Consider the shape of your face, the length of your hair, your trouble spot and your best facial feature. If the style you have chosen is for long hair and your hair is too short, you can get extensions.

For beauty, if your eyes are your best feature play them up with makeup to draw attention to them. If your trouble spot is your forehead, which, for example, you find is too high, you can choose a style that plays it down or hides it perhaps a fringe.

But why go through all the trouble? Why not choose to have a professional beauty consultant and a hairdresser make you look like a fairytale princess on this special day. For both of these, trusted names are a good way to go; recommendations should be highly considered. A personal consultation should be made from 4 to 6 months before the wedding. Consultations are often free of charge and the consultant will want to know your cosmetic background, hair history and what headpiece youve chosen to wear. Shell also want to discuss what you expect concerning your hair, make-up and nails so that she knows what can be done to meet those expectations. Remember to choose a look thats an extension of yourself, not someone elses look. Choose a style that you are sure of instead of adding to the tension of your wedding day by keeping on worrying about how the style looks on you. However, thats not to say that you cannot try a new look. Changes and experiments can be made successfully if the new look is tried out in advance. But why go through all the trouble? Why not choose to have a professional beauty consultant and a hairdresser make you look like a fairytale princess on this special day. For both of these, trusted names are a good way to go; recommendations should be highly considered. A personal consultation should be made from 4 to 6 months before the wedding. Consultations are often free of charge and the consultant will want to know your cosmetic background, hair history and what headpiece youve chosen to wear. Shell also want to discuss what you expect concerning your hair, make-up and nails so that she knows what can be done to meet those expectations. Remember to choose a look thats an extension of yourself, not someone elses look. Choose a style that you are sure of instead of adding to the tension of your wedding day by keeping on worrying about how the style looks on you. However, thats not to say that you cannot try a new look. Changes and experiments can be made successfully if the new look is tried out in advance.

The stylist will help you decide on the suitable length of hair,type and placement of the headpiece, how the flowers will be placed and highlighting. Remember that you should have a style that will endure the long active wedding day: all the photographs, the dances, hugs and the elements of sun, wind and water during your honeymoon. Usually the hairdresser starts with a try out in the final 2 – 3 weeks before the wedding. The final styling is done on the morning of the wedding day.

Since you will be showing off your ring and there will be a lot of congratulatory handshakes, nails are a visual and important part of your wedding grooming. We have several nail salons with excellent manicurists. When going for manicure consultation, take along with you a swatch of the fabric your wedding gown is made of to give the manicurist an idea of how best to design your nails.

This is another important beauty treatment as it will improve your self-image and help you take time off to relax while having your feet done. Also it will ensure pretty feet during the honeymoon. Establish a relationship with a beauty salon so you can visit weekly for your manicures and pedicures in the days culminating to your wedding.

You will be the centre of attention on this day; all eyes on you. Numerous photos will be taken.Your make-up will help maintain your radiant good looks throughout the long day.

Whereas there was a time it was a mark of shame for a man to be seen fussing over himself and a choking sight to see him stroll out of a salon, today this is a popular service. Many males are not afraid to fuss over themselves and it is no longer an eyebrow-raising sight to see a man in your local salon. Most male clients will get their final haircut 1-2 weeks before the wedding day and return for a shampoo and hair trim (beard and moustache included) a day before the wedding. A manicure is also high on the cards and roughened hands can be softened and ragged nails shaped.

Weight is a weighty issue to the bride. No one wants to feel-fat in their wedding gown or to have a few extra pounds that will mess up the dress fitting. Understandable, really, but steer clear of crash diets. All theyll do is give you fatigue, dizziness and even make you feel nauseous. Rather, for controlled weight loss, a combination of calorie reduction and exercise can be observed. If you can afford it, see a nutritionist and perhaps pop into a health and fitness club for examination, advice and recommendation. Of course for the best results, start months earlier.

Top Tips on what to consider when planning a destination wedding

The beauty of a destination wedding is that it will never go out of style and one can turn their celebration into a weekend (or week!) surrounded by the people you love! There are so many gorgeous destination wedding locations in Kenya but if youre going to go for it, why not just go for it? From the coast, to the Masaai Mara to Western Kenya , a far-flung locale will turn your destination wedding into an adventure you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives. However, with all that travel comes a lot more details youll need to consider and here’s, everything you need to know about the logistics of planning a destination wedding.

Consider Your Guests Before You Start Planning

Choosing a venue is more than just picking the prettiest spot you can find.Unless you want to cut the budget cost and minimize on the number of people coming, always have your guests in mind before deciding any location. Ask yourself whether the destination will be affordable for guests to fly to, as well as whether there are multiple hotel options at different price levels. Because of the expense and distance, a far-flung destination will filter your guest list down to the core group of family and friends quite quickly. If there are certain people you need to have at the event who may not be able to afford it, you should be prepared to do what you can to make your day accessible to them.

Be prepared to do in-person research.

Pictures and videos online can be beautiful, but when youre going so far for your celebration, it is wise to visit the site in person. Youll have much more confidence in what youve chosen if you have a chance to familiarize yourself with your options.
Once you have settled on the venue, it is vital that you ,make a few more trips. The first, as a site inspection and to choose the location. The second, to do tastings and the wedding designs. The third is always to finalize on everything and to see how things are panning out.

Know Your Destination

Do your research before you head out of town. Its also important to find out what the marriage license requirements are — and to be flexible if that means youll have to tie the knot legally at home.

Embrace the Setting

Immerse yourself and your guests in the place youve brought everyone to. This will enhance your experience and make the most of your surroundings. You can still add your personal touch, but should let the setting youve chosen inspire and dictate the details of your celebration.

Work with a Pro

Remote and far-flung places often have limited resources, which might require the expertise of a professional.They will be able to give you an idea of what it would cost to bring in the necessary resources, or help you find a venue that has the resources and expertise to make your celebration happen
With different time zones, a language barrier, and thousands of miles between you and your venue, communication is key as it will keep you and your team on the same page.

Information is Priceless

A well-informed guest is a happy guest. Especially with long-distance travel involved, the more you can tell your guests to help them prepare for your wedding, the better. Ensure that you share any special pricing and codes youve received for hotels, suggestions for flight itineraries and local transportation, the currency exchange, and even a basic vocabulary list in the local language. In addition, dont forget to include the dress code for any events and activities so guests can pack accordingly!

How to Avoid Fighting With Your Fiance Over the Holidays

The holidays are here with us and they are times to celebrate and have fun with family and loved ones. Traditions come to life and good times are to be had by all. But what happens after you have tied the knot and now the two families are forced to become one during the holidays?

A milestone in any romantic relationship is your first holiday together and making new memories to share in the years to come. Yet each individual has their own family and friends, along with customs and traditions that are near and dear to their heart.

Now, conversations and compromises are in order. To help things go smoothly and avoid any holiday tension,here are some of the things you must do to keep peace.

Communication is Key

It may seem like a now issue, but handling how to split the holidays can actually affect your relationship in the years to come. So if you find yourselves arguing or intentionally avoiding the uncomfortable task of planning how to spend the season, youll want to think again.

To start, recognize that while you each are forging a path for the future together, you both come from equally important families that may or may not have special traditions and you cant expect one another to simply leave them behind. Instead, find a balance.

A Learning Process

Whether your backgrounds are alike or similar, familiarize yourself with holiday customs, traditions, and recipes from each side. You may find that some lend themselves and this may ease in the compromises.

In most instances, people find themselves with a partner who was raised very similarly or perhaps very differently. We might have become attracted to and married someone with a very different background and initially felt eager to learn about that but when the holidays approach, we might find ourselves under more pressure from our own families and our partners for how to make this all come together.

If you have never missed a Christmas Eve away from your parents house, but for your partner the importance is more on Christmas Day problem solved. If, however, you both feel strongly about a specific day, it may be time rotate, split the day if distance allows, or forge ahead with an entirely new experience of your own.

Regardless of having to hammer out the details, the number one most important thing to keep in mind is that you should really be handling the holidays together.The worst thing that can happen is when one person decides it is all too much bother and too much work and says they will go on their own to see their own family. Doing so does not send the message to each other or to the respective families that the couple is in this together.

How to Find Solutions

What works for one couple may not work for you, but remember that there is always a solution.

Its also important to remember that whatever course of action you take this year does not dictate the future, nor does it set in stone how to proceed for every holiday season to come. Instead, view it as a trial and error experience. As a new couple, it is good to give yourselves the flexibility to borrow what works and then tweak and create brand new special traditions.

Keep in mind the reason for the season, after all when you feel that you are getting tense or stressed. Always remember that love, kindness and gratitude should be the driving force behind the holidays.

And don’t forget about self care. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, its important to take time for yourselves as a couple, too. While its easy to get lost in holiday plans and family gatherings, be sure to prioritize time dedicated to enjoying the new family you are creating together. This may involve going on a day trip somewhere new, going into nature, or taking a yoga class together.

It all boils down to compromise, communication and honesty. Handling the holidays gently, firmly, kindly and fairly for each other and in relationship to each persons family of origin goes a long way.

Practicing these skills now is also great practice for the futurefor example, when couples may go on to have children and will juggle demands for attention from grandparents and extended family and will need to set boundaries.

Its all part of the beautiful growing process that is being a couple in love. So, do your best to embrace this holiday season with an open mind and heart.

The DO’S and DON’T of finding the perfect wedding shoe!

The wedding shoe is one of the most important accessories in the long list of bridal accessories. While some bride might equate this experience to what it feels when one find Mr. Right, for others scoring a solid wedding shoe is as simple as considering comfort (which is key no matter how much you value style). By the end of the day, make sure that you are comfortable as you will be with them the whole day. Here are some of the Do’s and don’t you should consider before buying that wedding shoe!

First Do: First find your wedding gown!

This principle applies even if you have stumbled upon your perfect shoe first before the gown. The reason why is that you want your wedding-day shoes to complement your dress in every aspectstyle, color, detail, etc. In addition, the length of your dress matters. For instance, if you have a shorter dress, your shoes can serve as a statement accessoryadding color, glitz, glam, whatever you feel your ensemble is missing.On the other hand, if your dress is on the longer side, your shoes can serve more of a comfort purpose, and how seamlessly they match might be less important. Another reason to buy your dress first is that youll need your shoes at each of your dress fittings.

Second Do: Always Shop around

To avoid both waiting until the last minute and finding your wedding shoe too early, youll want to set aside a lot of time to browse and compare many stores for both price and better options before saying, this is the one.

Dont: Buy your wedding shoe online

Unlike the wedding gown which can be adjusted, a wrong pair of shoe can be any bride’s nightmare. Online websites are one of the simplest ways through which one can explore styles and get a feel for whats available at your local stores, buying your wedding shoes in-person also allows you to check where the hemline of your dress would fall when you wear them, so you can avoid stylistic faux pas.

Do: Know your venue

Just as you check the weather to make sure youre wearing the appropriate footwear before venturing outside every day, don’t forget to consider your venue and check whether your shoe is a suitable choice.Your wedding venue will influence how much heel you should wear, since trying to look graceful while walking through sand on a beach is much more difficult in heels than strolling down an aisle in a church.

Dont: Be afraid of colors aside from white

Like any other style decision you make for your big day, what color shoes will depend on what kind of bride you are. For example, if youre more classic and traditional, youll likely be drawn to traditional whites, champagnes, ivories, and nudes, but if youre slightly less traditional, dont be afraid go outside the box in the color department.

How to Have a Unique Looking wedding dress on your nuptial!

One of the most memorable parts of your big day is your wedding gown! The shimmering spotlight is set on the bride,so the wedding dress should be a must hit. One needs to not only stand out and look totally gorgeous, they also have to maintain that elegance as well as the beauty that they possess.Here are some of the things to look out for if you are one of the brides desiring to have a unique look on your nuptial.

1. Choose a silhouette and cut that are not commonly used.

Never underestimate the power of silhouettes. A gowns cut has just as impact as the material and details. Apart from a silhouette matching your body type perfectly, go for something that is not commonly used. For instance, one can employ a haltered neckline or a tent silhouette to achieve this unique look.

2. Have fun with appliqu!

Brides have an advantage in this day and age where there is an abundance of inspiration and creativity. Let your mind open to adding a little bit of character to your gown. Experiment with appliquesthey add texture and an artistic flair to your gownand when creatively placed, they can make the gown look gorgeous.

3. Be Bold! Try use fun elements.

For that added wow factor, think out of the box and try adding gorgeous bows, feathered vests, or sparkling capes to your gown. Youll feel extra unique because of all the fun elements incorporated in your dress apart from looking beautiful on your big day.

4. Put a twist to a classic style.

We can never discount the uniqueness of an unconventional dress design. Were all for surprise elements being added to wedding dresses! But if youre not the type of bride who likes going all-out, you can always opt for subtly bold elements instead, like this gowns sexy cutout put right above the waist, giving the dress such a distinct look!

5. Opt for one-of-a-kind looking lace.

There will always be brides who love lace. If youre one of them, then please know that there are so many options and different types of lace out there, and some of them are extremely unique-looking! Even the most simple, classic wedding gown can instantly be made to look different just by the type of lace used.

Remember, its your big day and so whatever you choose to wear, wear it confidently. You will only be as beautiful as the smile you wear when you walk down the aisle!

Popular months when couples tie the knot in Kenya

Choosing a wedding date is one of the most important planning decisions that you’ll have to make as a couple that is after saying yes to the journey of love. Your wedding date will impact every other aspect of your nuptial including your budget. You may have an idea of where you envision yourself walking down the aisle or how your gown will look like , but until you decide when you’d like to get married, you can’t commit to anything. We have compiled some of the best months with the best deals as far as tying the knot is concerned.

1. February
This is the month, after January, that is deemed to be tough in terms of financial matters is concerned. Hence, when it comes to getting deals, most wedding vendors and hotels give the best deals especially being that it is the month of love. Its also the best month since its hot and your guests can wear their pretty little dresses on your nuptial.

2. June

June July is the coolest time in Nairobi but other parts are warmer.It is a good time at the coast, less humid and not too hot. Depends where you choose to plan your nuptial. Money is also not overstretched as far as wedding budget is concerned.

3. August

This month looks like a fake December with many of the working class taking their leave during this month. So, if you are looking to have a crowd on the day of your wedding, this is the month to go for.

4. October

October has been the most popular wedding month in the last couple of years. In Kenya, two holidays fall in this month where a couple can plan their wedding date. It is also a month with a great cash flow if you are planning to do a harambee.

5. December

This is the most ideal month for many couples with the many holidays falling during this time which can work well if you are looking to have a crowded wedding. For many couples, things like warm weather or an outdoor venue are important. But obviously, this is the busiest time of year for venues and vendors, so costs will likely be higher.

Looking for fun wedding transportation for your big day? Here are some creative ways

The logistics of getting to and from your wedding venue and sometimes to your reception can be tricky if not properly planned out. That is why its thoughtful to make room in your wedding budget for transportation not only for yourself but also for your guests. Here are some fun ways, which you can use to get your guests around!
1. Antique Car
Renting a vintage car can make your big day unique. They are a classy, unusual form of transportation that will let you and your bride- or groom-to-be make an impressive entrance.

2. Limousine
A limousine is timeless and elegant, the traditional choice of wedding transportation. If you want your bridal party to jump in, a stretch limousine would make a great experience!
3. Taxi or uber
For a classic wedding in the city, a vintage checked taxi or uber is totally on-theme.
4. Helicopter
For the ultimate exit, it really doesn’t get more over-the-top than a helicopter. This one’s perfect for the couple whose motto is “go big or go home.”

5. Golf Cart
This comes in handy when your ceremonies as well as reception are at the same venue, but a bit of a distance away. Once decorated, a golf cart can be a unique mode of transport to the venue!
6. Rowboat
Have an inspired moment as your love rows you across the lake.
7. Sailboat
This is one of the methods, which will get you ready for your honeymoon. For the extravagant bride, a yatch too can work out!
8. Horse and Carriage
You’ll feel like Cinderella as you ride along with your very own Prince Charming. Best of all, the fairy tale won’t end at midnight

9. Party Bus
For the bride and groom who want to ride along with the wedding party, nothing says “party” like party bus.

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