“When I heard that she was mine, I was relieved that the stress was over,” says Keith

Mixing parents and wedding can be a tough experience especially when there is a clash of demands.  Parents as well as family members insist on making demands and some of them expect to have their way when it comes to their children’s wedding. They feel like they have a right or a say in how things should be done.  For instance, some may  insist on where to have the nuptial or reception, what color napkins to use, whom you should consider intimate enough to invite and this may result to bad blood between in-laws  and no couple would desire not to have their folks bless their union. This was the main challenge as Jedidah and Keith planned their nuptial as their parents insisted on having many cards to invite their friends. They fortunately resolved the conflict and were able to tie the knot and we wish them a happy ever after!
































































































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