What to wear to a wedding in Kenya – Men’s edition

You’ve been invited to a wedding. Well, not you in particular. Wifey. She’s been invited for a wedding and of course, there’s no way she’s going to go alone. What kind of show would that be? Going for a couple’s event all alone when she has a husband. She won’t have it. And any attempt to wiggle out of it will be met with that look. You know that look.

Now that you’re going you might as well make one hell of an impression. Besides, weddings are great networking opportunities.

So a couple of questions begin running through your mind. Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. I’ll answer each of your questions one by one.

And I’ll even do you one better. Today we’ll do things differently.

Rather than type out the answer in blocks of paragraphs that I’m guessing that you probably will not read, I’ll answer each question with the help of a video.

Sounds like fun?

Let’s do it.

What should I wear to a wedding in Kenya as a guest?

You should wear something unique. A dinner jacket such as this one perhaps.

What’s an appropriate colour to wear to a Kenyan wedding?

There is no appropriate colour to wear to a wedding. It’s not about the colour in as much as it’s about the beauty of what you have on. Here, I’ll let these gentlemen explain.

Is it acceptable to wear jeans or khakis to a wedding reception in Kenya?

Absolutely. As explained by the gentlemen above. As long as you style them properly. Not sure how you can style khaki pants for an important occasion such as a wedding?

Here, let me show you.

There you have it. What to wear to a wedding in Kenya for the stylish Kenyan man.

Wedding guest attire for the Kenyan King.

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