Wondering what you want to tell a bride on wedding day? Here is what every Kenyan bride wants to hear

While it is true that every person loves compliment, women, in particular, are never disarmed when you give them one. So besides carrying your gift vouchers and presents, a nice word will keep them smiling all the way. From the research we conducted, we found out that brides love to be told all things nice ranging from their makeup, to their wedding gown to the tiniest details of what stood out on their big day. As a guest at a wedding, here are some of the nice things you can tell a bride:
1. This gown really looks good on you!
If youve ever assisted a bride look for a wedding gown, you can attest to the fact that it is one of the most challenging things to do. So when she finds it and looks perfect on her big day, genuinely compliment her by telling her she looks beautiful. You can never go wrong by telling her how spectacular her gown is.
2. You are beautiful
Especially when it comes to make up. From research, ever bride wants to know that her look made each of her guests shed a tear or two. From her gorgeous hair, to her breathtaking vision and her beautiful face the compliment will stick with her long after the wedding.
3. You two are perfect together.
One of the most relieving things you can tell a bride is to let her know that she made the right choice in as far as her husband is concerned. Compliment both her and the hubby and let them know how well they look like soul mates.
4. Im enjoying myself so much, thanks a lot for inviting me.
After alls been said and done, every couple wants to know that everything they went through to make this big event happen was worth it. And nothing makes them smile than to know that their guests enjoyed and loved everything in the wedding.
5. Your choice of dcor was stunning!
Research indicates that most brides spend 90 %of their time on dcor. Since they spend all this time making their wedding look good, why not make them feel awesome by how their whole reception or their church set up looks! Whether it’s a creative table arrangement or just a well arranged bouquet, its these little things that go a long way to make the brides day feel worthwhile.

6. Whatever is in your heart!
Everything is meaningful when it comes from the heart. It might not be just about the wedding but find out how to make the bride smile. Their wedding day is all about celebrating the love they share with each other and the significant people in their lives hence thats the perfect chance of showing how much they mean to you!

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