Wondering what to look out for in a wedding decor? Here are 4 vital tips to check out!

Most brides are caught up in the search of a decadent dress, sigh-worthy shoes and forget that they are not the only thing that needs to look magnificent. The decor is important as it  sets the wedding theme as well as sets the pace on what is to be expected on your big day. Decors gives great backdrops not just for your wedding photos but also for your portraits and should be able to blend well with your wedding theme and color. Catherine Nambisia, a highly sought out wedding planner who has been in the wedding industry for 20 years, shares her insight on what couples should consider before choosing the right decor for their wedding:

  1. Know what you want: She advices couples to understanding the theme of their wedding as it will assist them determine the type of décor that will compliment their wedding.
  2. Budget: Catherine feels that couples ought to align their dream to their wedding budget. She believes that the extent of their wedding décor will largely be influenced by what they can afford.

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3. The right wedding décor supplier: Before choosing one, Mrs. Nambisia advices brides on what to look for in a décor person.

  • Know their signature style: Nambisia advices that couples should be conversant with their décor vendor’s signature style. Every person in the décor industry has his or her own niche. Some are great in rustic, opulence or even vintage so choose one who is able to match your wedding theme.
  • Reference: Research and find out what the décor person has done not just through the Internet. Attend a function where they have organized and see their work. Catherine warns couples not to take chances with their décor vendors.
  1. Discuss your color scheme with your wedding planner or décor person in good time. According to Catherine, it is vital that couples understand the indoor and outdoor colors before visiting their décor vendor. She advises that they should opt for silver grey if they are really stuck, as it can work against any backdrop. In addition, colors should be used sparingly and couples ought to understand how they move in space to bring out a desirable outcome.

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