Want a wedding full of pleasant memories with no regrets? Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid..

The worst thing we hear from couples during interviews after their weddings is regret. After all the partying and dancing is over, the only thing that will grow in value are your wedding photos. This means that great care must be taken when settling for a photographer /videographer or even how your moments will be captured on your big day. During an interview with Samanthas bridal, Leaky Nduati of Decapture Film and Photography shares with a few tips on the mistakes couples can avoid, so as to have pleasant memories after their wedding.

  1. Set of the wedding

Make sure that the image is right. You can employ the best wedding photographers and videographers in the world, but if your set is wrong, your day will be messed up.

  • Have a tidy room- Put everything unpleasant, like paper bags, lessos, and undergarments in the right place.
  • Wear the right garments. Don’t be on old t-shirts and stockings if you want to look at the photos forever.
  • Avoid crowded places-Leakey advises that if where the bride is being picked up is crowded or dark, an alternative place should be considered. The room should be well lit. Secondly, the bride may also consider doing her makeup outside where there is natural sunlight instead of the crowded place.
  • Have the correct choice of color: Bright solid colors for photos are perfect.
  • Brides/couples should consider carefully where they are going to be picked up from. The place should be ideal for photography. The fact that these are the photos you’ll remember for the rest of your life. For instance in Uganda, it is custom that brides be picked up from hotels or even salons. Leaky adds that as much as it is custom for brides to leave their matrimonial home, presentation matters and they should come out from a good set up















  • 2.Make up

Regardless of how technical your photographer is, the set up is critical. Brides should ensure that their makeup is not sweaty even in heat.

Also ensure that the makeup compliments your skin.

3.Time and photography

Leaky advices couples to always do a pre photo shoot so as to familiarize themselves with their photographer of the day and to know the styles of their big day.

Brides should also ensure that the program of the day has been kept as being late will result in agitation during the photo shoot and bad photos.

Ensure that you go through your schedule with your photographer and wedding planner for coordination purposes. Remember that your closest supplier is the photographer as he/she will spend the day with you capturing the moments.


  • Give your photographers room to do their work. Protect them from your know it all bridal party who may think that they know all the poses in the world. They have been doing their work for a long time hence they know what they are doing.
  • For the intimate moves, make sure that you don’t overdo kisses and intimate moves, save it for your honeymoon.
  • Don’t chew in front of people as it looks bad on camera.
  • As far as the gown is concerned, even if you spent a lot of cash on it, don’t be scared to soil it!
  • 5.Photographer and weather

Too much sunshine will make the two of you sweat. Too cold will make you have goose bumps. The best time to have photography is on a cloudy day. He advises that the best month would be between July and August.

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