Top 5 Photography Tips on your wedding day

Every bride looks forward to a perfect wedding day.It takes a lot of planning ,financial resources and putting ideas into place for the day to be perfect.All this could be lost and left as a shadow in the memory of only those that attended, if there are no photos to keep bringing to life that special day.It is therefore important to ensure this day remains special in memory and in picture, I mean lets face it, a great part of the wedding is about how the bride looks, and decor and the presentations.


Here are a few tips to ensure the day remains fresh on print as it is in memory.

  1. Ensure that you get a professional photographer .Is there a difference? After all its just putting a picture in frame and clicking! Trust me there is a major difference and you do not want to notice the difference after the wedding.
  2. Brief your photographer on what is most important to you.Wedding are very personal and everybody has their unique taste and preference. Do not assume that because he is pro he knows what you like .Its your big day don’t take any chances.
  3. Enjoy the day.As the main subject of the day it is you that the lenses are focused on.Be at ease, be yourself, the more you enjoy the more the snaps and you will be amazed how good you look when you are happy.You are beautiful on the inside and all the camera will do is capture the evidence on the outside.
  4. You have spent a lot of time and resource to make the day happen.happen. Don’t starve the photographer time wise.Liaise with him as you plan the day so that he has enough time to do what he or she needs to. Many people rush the photo session as though its not important.Remember after its all said and done its only the photos that remain to keep for years.
  5. Rapport with your photographer should not be taken for granted. If you are comfortable with him or her chances are you will get more natural shots as with time you forget the sometimes scary glare of the cameras.

Photography by JEAN photography


To tip:

Perfect your posture and smile.Having good posture can actually make you appear slimmer in photos you just have to know which posture will work best for your figure.Most women can flatter their silhouette by pushing their shoulders back and leaning back slightly on one foot.Always stand up straight and make sure you don’t slouch, and whenever possible, choose standing over sitting in photos. When sitting, remember to cross your legs at the ankles in a ladylike pose that flatters calves and thighs.Lift your chin upwards to elongate your neck, and remember to breathe as your photographer snaps away! In the days leading up to the wedding, don’t feel embarrassed if you want to practice smiling and posing in a mirror by yourself.Lock the bathroom door for privacy, relax, and see what feels and looks most natural on you.


Photography by JEAN Photography

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