Incorporating Children From Previous Relationship Into The Union.

Second time marriages often involve children from previous relationship, either from the bride or the groom’s side or both. There are plenty of ways to involve the children in the union to create a blended family. This is a good foundation right from the start to have the children feel like an important part of the union, which they in fact are.

There are several exciting and creative ways to incorporate children into the ceremony. As an exciting and emotional moment for both families coming together as one it is always a big gesture for the children to play a big role in the wedding.


For older children, it is easier to involve them in the planning as well as taking roles and responsibilities on the wedding day. This however, may be a challenge with younger ones because they can be very shy, so you have to be sensitive to their feelings and do not force them to do anything they would be uncomfortable with.


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Here are some ideas on how to incorporate children into the wedding ceremony

  1. Wedding line-up

Having the children wear a unique outfit as part of the wedding ceremony and be a part of the bridal line-up goes a long way in making them feel important.



  1. Special dance

A special dance can also be incorporated such as the traditional father daughter dance or mother son dance in which all the children get a chance to dance with their new step parent.

  1. Unity candle

Lighting a unity candle during the ceremony as a family instead of just the groom and his bride is a big way to incorporate the children.


  1. Sand ceremony

You can also have the children participate in the sand ceremony. The best way to do this is to have each one of the children have a container of sand of in a color of their choice and have all of the children pour their sand into a large container all at once to symbolize the union of two families.

  1. Vows

The Children can exchange vows to each other and to their parents. As seen on the Samantha bridal, My Dream Wedding TV show, Phidilia and her groom chose to have their children say personalized vows to each other. “I felt it was also crucial that even the kids will feel part and parcel of this union, I thought why not incorporate them in the vows” says the bride. This was quiet an emotional moment.

  1. Special words

Children can be given the chance to say something special at the wedding ceremony or reception. This is the perfect way to ensure that the children say what truly is on their mind and express how they feel. This will definitely make the day special for them too. Be sure to suggest your ideas early in the planning process, to ensure that they are well prepared.



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