Do you know the significance of a wedding invitation card? Learn more

Before they marvel at the beauty of your dress, before they are dazzled by the floral décor at your wedding, before they drink at the opulent splendor of your décor, they will receive an invitation card. Kanyi Ohawa, CEO of All& Sundry shares with Samantha’s Bridal on why couples should include the wedding card in their budget!

  1. The wedding invitation card is the first official communication. The wedding card ought to provide pertinent information on the couple’s wedding. As Kanyi puts it, the invitation card shows the guests
  • Who is getting married
  • When it’s taking place
  • Where the wedding will take place
  • The dress code
  1. Distinction: Ohawa argues that the wedding card has the ability to distinguish a couple’s event from the others. It will make your guests take your event seriously.
  2. It sets the tone of the couple’s big day: Makes the couple’s guests be able to envision the day, what their expectation is and what the guests should expect on the big day.

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