Destination wedding

Dream destination; you’ve found it, in fact it had been way before you met your fiancée!

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You always knew this is where you were going to tie the knot. For some it’s purely sentimental, “I always wanted a beach wedding” explains Nancy a bride as seen on my dream wedding married away with toes deep in the sand of the Indian Ocean. Some brides are living their fairytales by flying all the way to the South Coast for their nuptials , “it’s the need to be unique, Nairobi weddings have become so monotonous, I have been to the same venues for my friends’ wedding in the past three years. I simply cannot wed here” she concludes with such unswaying finality.

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As Marion Obura, proprietor and planner at Majestic Events concedes, “ people chose to get married away for a myriad of reasons and every destination wedding comes with its own special experience” The former Samantha Wedding Members Business graduate explains from her years of experience gained in the wedding/event management world.

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She also echoes a common sentiment by brides citing urban fatigue as one of the main reasons why most couples opt to take off and exchange vows in a less familiar location, “Naivasha, Mt Kenya and the South Coast tops the list-both for their scenic views and the unique experience they offer to both couple and guests.”

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But while most may regard destination weddings as cause for otherwise unplanned vacations and dive on heads on; Marion notes that for a planner, you must keep in mind that this is work like any other and keep it professional, “your main goal is to save your client money, time and effort or energy they would have used/incurred in your absence.”

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