Changing your name after marriage? Here are 5 easy steps on how to do it

Changing your maiden name to your husband’s name after saying I do is a dainty task that few women embrace with the enthusiasm. However, once you are done, it will be such an amazing feeling to have all your cards and vital documents in your new name. To save you all the trouble, we’ve come up with what you require to make this seemingly hard process be as easy as ABC.

1. Changing your ID name
According to Lawyer Nelson Osiemo, the process of changing your maiden name to your husband’s surname in your ID is pretty simple. Just head over to the chief’s office or at Huduma center with:
• Your husband’s ID
• Your ID
• Certified copy of your marriage certificate
• A certified copy of your Birth Certificate
After completing the entire process, wait for a week for your new ID.
2. Get a New Passport and Travel Documents
For the passport, one has to begin the application again and pay the fee for a new passport depending on the number of pages. If you have booked a ticket for your honeymoon, ensure you use your maiden name unless you are traveling out of the country and have already change your name on your passport. At the Immigration office, you may require:
• Completed passport application forms (Form 19)
• A certified copy of your marriage license.
• Your current passport.
• A recent color photograph that meets the requirement of the passport.
• An affidavit
NB: Honeymooning out of the country definitely requires your passport, which must match your tickets. In case you have a new passport by this time; ensure that you book your ticket under the new name. If you won’t have changed your name, ensure that your ticket is booked with your maiden’s name.
5. Change the Name on Your Bank Accounts
As soon as your ID had been updated with your new name, head over to your local bank branch and update the info on your bank accounts. If you’re going in person, bring the following documents with you:
• A certified copy of your marriage license.
• Your national ID
Don’t forget to request a new set of cards and new checkbooks.

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