Breaking News… ‘I’m now Engaged’

The days following your proposal will be pure ecstasy: a spring in your feet, a new grace in your walk and a glow on your face.

The next issue, who to tell and who not to? While most brides will call their best friends and possible MoH, a fraction of brides to be will immediately call their mothers and sisters depending on how close they are. So is there a standard protocol on breaking the news?
Here are a few guidelines to carry you through.
1. Traditions

Your parents should be the first ones to know and if you like going by the rule, her parents are given first priority on the press release! You may also consider if it’s appropriate to break the news ceremoniously together or to specific parents; will they be ecstatic? dismayed? Do they like your mate or have they all along been nagging about his/her culture, faith, family background, race etc. If so, it would be advisable to face their fury alone.You know them better, and will find it easy to reason with, even calm them down.
2. Stranger distress:

If your parents have not met your future spouse and there has not been communication constant enough to qualify them as ‘in-laws in the making’, forget killing two birds with the same stone, it could turn tragic unlike in Hollywood. Introduce his two roles i.e. boyfriend and fiancé on different occassions. If you are too pressed for time, consider doing it alone before you can present him/her.
3. Parents vs Pals:

Friends are your armor: in case you are not certain of your parent’s reaction, break the good news to your friends first. This way, when your parents are barely enamored about your choice, you shall have your friend’s thrill to carry you through!

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