7 reasons why you should consider changing your name to your husband’s

There are many debates on whether its important for married women to change their names to their husbands. Despite the fact that one is not bound by law to do so, we have compiled 5 important reasons why you should consider doing so:
1. It shows your commitment.
Changing you last name is an act of love, submission as well as a sign that you are fully committed to the union. Psychologists argue that a name change means a lot to me and boosts their ego.
2. It bond you together
If you are fond of spirituality, theres a traditional Chinese culture known as feng shui, which purports that joining names declares to the universe that you and your spouse are a complete unit. Together is a powerful energy, which solidifies the bond in marriage.
3. Its more convenient and easier for you with kids.
This works in case you are planning to have children in future. It brings clarity and assists in bringing the family together.
4. To help you feel like you fit in.
In the African culture, the change of name gives a woman a sense of belonging not just in her husband life but also with his entire clan. Shows that she now belongs to the new family and is ready to learn its ways.

5. People will know youre truly off the market.
Theres no better way to tell the world that you are taken than changing your name! Especially, all stalkers on social media, old boyfriends, workmates and business associates who may need to know this fact.
6. The only way to change that name that you hate!
In case, you hate your last name or its too hard to pronounce, it might be a nice change of pace to have a change, dont you think so?
7. Its a prestigious surname.
Change of name brings prestige and honor especially if your spouse comes from a powerful family.

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