5 Things You Must Do Before Your Wedding

Here is a suggested list of things to do just before your wedding So you don’t lose your cool on your wedding day here is the things you must do the day before.it is one more day to wedded bliss!

The hours leading up to your wedding should be totally serene and they will be, if you take care of these five things the day before


1.Lay out your getting ready clothes.

Since you will be likely photographed from the moment you wake up by your mom, your maids and eventually your photographer you probably wont want to throw on an old t-shirt with baggy gym shorts. Put some thought into your out fit. If you didn’t buy an official getting ready robe, opt for a dress you can step in and out of or a top that buttons or zips, so you didn’t have to drag your shirt or dress over finished hair and make up


2.Round up your day of essentials in a clutch

You wont need much on your wedded day, but its smart to fill a clutch with some just in case items a mini deodorant, gum, tissue and a list of your vendors phone numbers. If you plan to switch to flip-flops during the reception, toss those in there as well.


3.Pack all your accessories in one bag

Have everything in one place so you’re not scrambling to find an earring or a hairpin the morning of. This includes your day of clutch, jewelry, shoes, undergarments and hair accessories. Leave your accessories bag next to your wedding dress.


4.Hand over your cell phone to your MoH

Let your MoH screen your calls. She can field questions from relatives to the colleague who wants to know what time the wedding starts. If there are vendors calls that don’t know where the table numbers are the DJ wants to talk to someone at the reception site. Ask your wedding planner or MoH to deal with them, assuming she’s nearby.


5.Write a love note to your groom

I suggest you give the best man a note to slip to your grooms right before the ceremony. The note can either be sexy or sweet (“I cant wait to be your wife”), but either way it will get your guy even more excited to meet you at the end of the isle.


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