18 Top Tips To a Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

1.There are five elements which make for a great wedding reception: guests that you really want to be there, amaz­ing ambiance, great food, heart felt speeches and fantastic music



2.Destination weddings can be very costly, so make sure you choose a ven­ue which has good existing infrastruc­ture, such as accommodation and kitchen. This will help with the planning, logistics and cost of the big day.


3.“ Don’t worry if you can’t afford a wedding planner, but make sure you understand all the costs involved be­fore committing to anything and don’t make emotional decisions. Only invite people that you love and who are involved in your life to your wedding,

3.Using candlelight effectively can add great ambiance to the night, but don’t think that candles can only be used on tables. Dotting plinths of candles around the room will give the space a soft romantic glow.



4.Be realistic when budgeting for flowers and decor; they are two key elements when planning a wedding,”. Also keep your venue in mind – small arrangements in a large double volume room just won’t work.

5. Incorporating framed pictures of both the bride and groom’s families on the arrival drinks table/ dessert table is a brilliant way to add a personal touch and make family and friends feel part to your spe­cial day.

6.People often underestimate the amount of space that is needed for their reception spaces. Zoning the space of a basic floor plan is an ideal way to ensure that there is adequate space

7.Cocktail style wedding are very trendy at the moment. Having interactive food stations and lounge areas are also becoming increasingly popular.

8.When it comes to food, insist on a taste test. If your venue won’t do one for you, then choose another venue.

9.If you are having your wedding outside and it’s in an area that can get quite cold at night, make sure you have outdoor heating.

10.For Snacks and welcome drinks, It works well to have at least two types each of meat and vegetarian dishes, and maybe one fish op­tion. You want to make sure that the Snacks you’ve chosen fit the setting. Taste the snacks with the chef beforehand and make sure that they are easy to eat and wont mess all your guest.

12.To avoid your guests going hungry at your reception, its important to stick to a rough timing schedule

13.If you choose a buffet and have more than 75 guests make sure there are two serv­ing points . Arrange with your caterer to have less in each dish but have the dishes changed more often, to ensure the food always looks appetizing.

14.Wedding are expensive events . Even if you are on budget, stay away from a cash bar. Instead, you could offer fresh healthy juic­es . Your guests will appreciat

15.The most important ques­tion to ask your DJ when you first meet with him is if there is backup equipment and another Dj available, ( in case of) unforeseen problems on the day.Also check how many weddings the DJ has done-don’t select a DJ who has not played at least 30 weddings.It ( also) really helps if you can provide a playlist of songs you’d like to hear.

16.To get the music right for quite a mixed crowd of old and young people, try to find a middle ground: party classics or 80’s classics usually work. Also tend to bounce around be­tween genres playing two or three songs from one style and then swapping over to something else.

17.Don’t think that a Dj is your only option when it comes to music at your reception. You could have a string quarter or guitarist per­haps, but make sure you have another option so that guests don’t get bored of same sound for hours. You can even use your iPod if you’re on a budget- just make sure you put some thought and effort into the playlist.

18.To ensure you spend the maximum amount of time with your guest at your recep­tion, ask your photographer if you can do all your couple shots in the morning. That way only family pictures need to be taken after the ceremony, which will take less time. This is a good option if you have lots of overseas gust who you want to catch up with.


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