Wear Heels to a Garden Wedding with No Reservations

When you get that wedding invitation card, the first thing you think about is what you will wear to the event. You also have the obligation to be absolutely stylish, comfortable and most importantly, not out-do the bride.

We all love to look exceptionally good and a fabulous pair of heels is essential to instantly turn a simple look into an exquisitely gorgeous one. However, it is hard to imagine ruining your pair of heels in one day because you wore them to a garden wedding. Worry not! There is a solution to keep your heels on the ground and not in the grass with this heel tip designed to prevent sinking and or slippage.

This is the perfect idea, not only for guests but also for you and your bridesmaids as it will provide comfort and prevent you from worrying about your shoes. Try these new heel protectors which come in several colours to match your shoes for a stress free strut.

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