Want to have a memorable honeymoon? Here are some tips to consider in the planning process

As soon as you decide on a date, start arranging for your honeymoon also. This is especially important if you plan to go out of the country to allow time for visa and passport documents needed for travel. This is also important so you can make early reservations in case of high season. And of course, a honeymoon being a romantic getaway should be spent somewhere romantic and away from everyone.

Planning tips

  1. Plan early: This gives you ample time to research for your trip and get exactly what you want. Remember popular resorts or getaways usually have a high booking season like on popular dates so get in there early!
  2. Start by discussing your budget. Though you certainly want your honeymoon to be wonderful, you shouldn’t go in debt to finance it. Calculate how much money you have or can reasonably save by the time of the trip. Then start thinking about where in the world you want like to go. Look through travel magazines like Going out guide, Travel News and other guide books, explore the internet or speak to newlyweds or a travel agent about memorable honeymoons she has helped plan
  3. Use a travel agent: This will save you time as well as money, as a good agent has the expertise and the access to superb deals that you might not know about. A good travel agent can take care of all the details-plane tickets, hotel rooms, ground transportation-and advise you regarding travel documents and required inoculations, if any. She can also make reservations for meals, tours, theatre tickets, and other activities that may require advance planning, especially during the busiest season. A travel agent is an indispensable resource in the case of an emergency or last minute change. His help also comes in handy in case of any snag that may arise, e.g. cancelled flights and problems with accommodation, and also depending on what you want to achieve out of your wedding.
  4. Share details with your better half. Both of you getting involved makes it easier for you to work towards your dream honeymoon.
  5. Set a tentative budget: What would you like to splurge on and what would you like to skimp on? Agree on the areas so that you can draw up a suitable budget for your honeymoon.
  6. Chill out: For the first few days of your honeymoon, just take a chill pill – don’t make plans for activities so that you may have time to recover from post-wedding weariness. Sleep in and have long leisurely meals and just enjoy each other’s company. Things like sightseeing can be done a bit later in the week.
  7. Let the world in on it: Tell the world that you are honeymooners and watch how they respond. They’ll treat you in a special way, give you special honeymoon packs.
  8. The name change factor: Wait until after the honeymoon to change your name because you will not be able to get aboard any flight if the name on your ticket doesn’t match what is written on your ID or passport

On your honeymoon, you may travel to a sandy beach or a bustling city, have a relaxing trip or immerse yourself in new activities-the possibilities are unlimited.

Things to consider:

Before you book ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Location: where have you always dreamt of going?
  2.  Activities: what do you want to do on your honeymoon? Are you looking to simply relax or will you get bored and want some activities to do. Are there some sports you want to play together, do you prefer a place with a vibrant nightlife or just secluded.
  3. Budget: Do you want to splurge on a cruise or do you want a more-down-to-earth, as in, your-personal-style-thing. Do you want an all-inclusive place or do you want the freedom to pay for only those activities and items you want?
  4. Time: Do you have enough time, or do you have to take days off work.
  5. Mood: what do you really want to experience on your honeymoon? Do you want to get emotionally closer or do you just want to party, and escape the stress of the real world. Do you want to go to a place with other newly married couples?


Travel Tips 

  1. Keep records of important trip documents, hotel and car -rental information numbers on your travelers checks and credit cards, and emergency contacts. Photocopy all the information and take two copies with you; Put one copy in your carry-on and one in your checked luggage. Leave a copy of each important document with a trusted-and -reachable friend.
  2. Make specific room requests, such as non-smoking or oceanic view, well in advance. If the room is not your liking upon arrival, DO NOT hesitate to request another.
  3. Bring along a blank journal, some colored pencils and other supplies to document your honeymoon. Don’t forget a camera or video camera to capture your moments.


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