Tina and Robert

“This man, my miracle, he found me, he fought for me with the wrath of a God when not even I thought that I was enough… the warmth of his heart gives me a sense of salvation… this is such a happy ever after.” These are the moving words of a poem that Tina composed and recited for her husband Robert.



Tina & Robert


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Their story began in the year 2010 when Tina was seeking an internship at the firm in which Robert was a member of staff. “I was walking out… I was going for a site visit in Naivasha and I was like damn, who is that girl at the reception? I had to go back and ask the receptionist who the girl was” narrates Robert. They say a man knows within the first five minutes of seeing or meeting a lady whether she will be his wife or not and that was evident in this case. The receptionist told Robert that she was there to inquire if there was an opening for an internship position and upon learning that, Robert was insistent to make sure the receptionist ensures that their boss offers her a position and indeed, she got it.
Robert worked up the courage to introduce himself and soon after, he asked her out on a date with no fruition. Tina was reluctant for some time, but eventually she gave in. They officially began dating in May of 2011 “22nd to be precise” Robert interrupts Tina.
Tina does not like surprises and she took it as far as wanting her husband to tell her when he would propose. “I decided to pop the question on a random day.” The groom and his friends came up with the idea of making a decoy birthday party for one of them in which Tina would be a guest. Then the surprise came when they begun ripping off their t shirts to reveal the question -will you marry me?-
“I would have never chosen anyone else to get married to. He was and still is my ideal” says an emotional Tina. Despite being up by 5 am in the morning, the bridal party was in fact late to the ceremony. Tina opted to have her cousins as bridesmaids and her best friend as the maid of honour so as to avoid having a hard time choosing her bridesmaids. The wedding setting was exquisitely breathtaking, tucked under a canopy, the white chairs complimented by the bold red flowers strung all around in a decorative pattern; it was a little heaven. The groom’s breath literally taken away to the point of tears was the icing on the cake.

The poem rang through the air and when he realized it was Tina’s voice he was listening to, the tears began to fill up his eyes blinding him. “It got to a point where I couldn’t see her because my eyes were filled with tears, so I had to make the call, it’s either I drain the tears or I don’t see my bride coming down the aisle [laughs]” says Robert. A unique twist is that Tina walked down the aisle to her own rendition of Adore You by Miley Cyrus.
The bride looked stunning in her drop waist ball gown, walking down the aisle all the while whispering -kick and pose- to help her walk gracefully in her gorgeous gown. Her bridesmaids were in little fitted ivory dresses with a sash draped on their left sides all making for a lovely ceremony.

“We danced a lot at the entrance of the reception” Robert says. Robert and his groom’s men surprised Tina yet again with a silly, funny and adorable dance that got everyone glued and swaying to, eager to join in.
The couple agreed on 300 guests comprising only of close friends and close relatives and it was as intended. Everyone danced and made merry to the unrelenting love in the air and celebrated the couple and their new married status.
The centerpiece that completed the beautiful theme was their cake which was modeled into a construction site to represent their passion, seeing as both are civil engineers.

They were now one in soul, in spirit, in body and in mind.


Photography: Ben Kiruthi

Venue:Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Words: Anne Nduku

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