The Pregnant Bride

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Gone are the days when it was an abomination for a pregnant woman to wed. It has over the years become a common thing to wed during pregnancy so much so that there are wedding gowns being designed everyday for the pregnant bride.
A pregnant bride deserves to enjoy her big day without worrying about anything and below are tips on how to ensure that you breeze through your day radiantly and comfortable.
What Trimester is Best to Wed During?
If possible, try to get hitched in your second trimester. By this time, the pregnancy is much easier, your morning sickness should be easing up or entirely gone by then. Another advantage is that getting married in your second trimester will be much more comfortable as your belly will not be in the way.
Choosing your Wedding Gown
• The first thing you need to do is to inform your designer or bridal shop attendant of your pregnancy if it is not already noticeable and how far along you’ll be on the day of your wedding as this will help on the particulars of alterations and when they will need to be made.
• If you are buying a ready-made gown, try and make the purchase on a date much closer to the wedding date, to be sure of a comfortable fit and minimal alterations. If it is a tailored gown, ensure that your dressmaker bears in mind your belly’s growth rate and dynamics when making the dress so as to allow room for alterations that will preserve the design of the gown.
• Every body type has a particular design that will compliment it. However, pregnancies make most body types similar. With that in mind, the best looks for pregnant brides are empire waist-line gowns, princess cut gowns or A-line gowns. Avoid tight fits, small waists, and anything figure-hugging.
• The dress’s accents work best on your shoulders and bust as they will draw the eye away from your belly.

Tips on Comfort
• Comfort comfort comfort. Make this your first priority.
• Avoid corsets, tightly laced bodices, or any other constricting gear. Flow is the go for a woman with a bun in the oven, swollen feet and aching joints.
• Choose dresses with light fabric as it will ensure ease in movement. Bulky and heavy dresses will only add strain to your body and can be restricting.
• Ensure that you have on very comfortable shoes. Flats are the best way to go for a pregnant bride.

Wedding Accessory Tips
Accessoriez such as jewellery, the veil and the bouquet remain unaffected. A pregnant bride can have the usual accessories so have no worries.

Wedding Ring
For the wedding ring however, it is important to note that your finger size will also increase along with the rest of the body. There are two choices a bride can choose from when it comes to the wedding ring.
1. Either have a mock ring made for the wedding ceremony and later put on your real wedding ring which fits your usual sized finger after the pregnancy or
2. Have your wedding ring made to fit your finger at the time of your pregnancy and have it altered afterward.
Food Menu
Plan the menu ahead of the wedding keeping in mind what you need to eat and what you cannot eat. This doesn’t mean that your guests, the groom and wedding party get affected; it just means you need to find alternatives for you as well. So ensure that you have your own little menu on the side.
• You deserve double the ultimate pampering. With the wedding planning and baby growing contributing to your exhaustion ensure that you find a destination that is easily accessible and that promises much peace, quiet, relaxation and pampering.
• Be sure that your insurance covers any pregnancy complications or even giving birth.
• Make sure that you have cash with you in case there is trouble with visa’s credit cards and debit cards as approval from certain banks may take some time when in foreign countries
• Also, know where hospitals are in case of an emergency.
• Another way around this is to simply postpone the honeymoon until after the baby is born.

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