The hippiest, hottest expo in the wedding industry is here


So in love!

You have found it all in one person, now find it all under one roof at the Samantha’s bridal expo at the Sarit Centre from 29-31st July

Prepare to be dazzled, wowed and entertained

East Africa’s leading wedding expo once again ignites the 2016 wedding market with a line-up of cutting edge surprises and performers designed to amaze, inspire, educate, and delight all that attend. The Samantha’s wedding expo is an event that will not only allow you, the bride, to source and see the hippest, hottest trends in the wedding industry, but it will allow you to experience them in action too.

This is an expo of approximately 120+ bridal suppliers showcasing the best of the best ideas in the wedding industry.

A stroll through the expo Hall will allow you to gain valuable ideas and vendor details allowing you to create the perfect wedding AND THEN …

IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH … make an appointment to Sing along “Sema Milele” with our special celebrity artist and friend, Gilad Milo aka King wa mapenzi, Gilad Milo is also the brand ambassador for this July’s wedding expo

BOOK NOW for the wedding event experience of the year … the music, the clothes, the floral design, the dazzling décor – we will provide a specialized experience, showcasing event professionals who are passionate about setting the standards of producing only the best in weddings.

We will have asked all our exhibitors not to report on the trends, but rather set them and allow for our attendees to experience them in action, enticing the imagination of all who attend with an epicurean treat.

You will enjoy a wedding fashion experience that is sure to amaze and delight the senses, walking away with inspiration that will last a lifetime.

The hippiest, hottest expo in the wedding industry …

Not only will The Samantha’s bridal expo be bringing the best of exhibitors to the 2016 expo, but also this year we are excited to be partnering with the COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF NAIROBI.



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