Tigist And Josiah

Tigist and Josiah both have their own versions of when they first met. According to Tigist they met in 2005 at a lunch at Josiah’s cousin’s place. But Josiah swears they first met at Baraton University where Tigist was studying and his cousin introduced them.

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The couple had ten maids and ten groomsmen. The maids wore long green dresses with a pick up detail behind and beads on the bustier area. They accessorized with flower shaped diamond hair clips and brown shoes. The groomsmen wore white shirts, black suites, black shoes and green bow ties.

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“Well, the only tradition that was done was Josiah’s parents had to go all the way to Ethiopia to ask for my hand in marriage. Traditionally they should have gone home three times but my dad was kind enough to let them go only once. Also traditionally in introduced them.Josiah is never allowed to go with his boys to ask for my hand in marriage that is not accepted in the Ethiopian culture. Only elderly people go to do the asking. I didn’t get to toss the bouquet because it was raining.” Tigist says.




“The proposal was meant to be at Habesha restaurant which is our favorite restaurant. But it did not go as I had planned,” Josiah recalls. “ We had planned to go there for lunch after church but we made a quick stop at the Nairobi hospital to see a family friend who was sick. Then we met another friend who insisted we join her for lunch at her home in Lavington. I agreed but Josiah was hesitant. We tried to persuade the lady but she could not take no for an answer. After the lunch we were heading to his cousin’s wedding rehearsal and I noticed that something was wrong with Josiah because he did not even eat. While in the car he started a break up story and I joked and told him that he was either breaking up with me for real or proposing. Then he became too serious something he isn’t. Then I was like gosh he is breaking up with me. He started removing the seat belt and said” I’m tired of dating you because I want you to be my wife will you marry me?” by that time I was in tears thinking the fool is breaking up with me! The ring had a green stone, which I always wanted. Before I said yes I was like oh gosh it’s a green ring…He went down on one knee when we got to a place where he could.” Tigist adds.

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Tigist wanted a gown that was simple and classy with details. She started her search 6 months to the wedding. “ I did not want a gown that had a corset. Three months to the wedding, I found my gown at Jasmine brides. It was ivory, had small details on the pick-ups, long trail and a simple veil. To accessorise, I wore green shoes and a diamond flower shaped clip on my hair. The diamond was not real of course! Josiah wore a tux from Hugo Boss. My mother wore a traditional Ethiopian wear called Habesha kemis. She had it made with the colour brown and green.” Tigist says.

“We are both Seventh day Adventists so the ceremony was SDA. We personalized our vows and Josiah surprised me by singing for me before we said our vows, it was so romantic and sweet of him. That was an emotional moment for me.” Tigist recalls.

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“It was a relaxed day which I spent with my parents and siblings. I had lunch, which had been organized by my family friends and later had tea with my inlaws
and my family The madness came later when I had to do my hair and was up and about doing I can’t remember what and the saloon closed before I had done my hair. But my hairdresser was so kind and good to me she did my hair at her house. The crazy thing I did was driving my self to my Godmothers house in Karen at midnight. I was picked from her house on the day of the wedding.” Tigist says

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“The dates kept changing from December 2010 to 1st of June 2011. But we settled for June 26th 2011 because we knew that all our siblings who are abroad would be available. It was important to us that they be available.” The couple says.


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“Our wedding was a success because of early planning, being flexible and above all putting God first. Our greatest ideas were the lanterns, which we had imported from the UK and Indonesia. We saved on time and money by having the church venue, reception and catering from the same place. Looking back there is nothing we would have done differently!” The couple says.

after running around during the planning of the wedding. We spent our days site seeing, going to the spa, swimming. The highlight of the trip was enjoying the breeze and peace of the ocean and also the view of the tide of the ocean in the afternoons together.” The couple says.

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