Lydia And Steve

She says her gown fit perfectly, while Steve’s charcoal grey suit completed the exquisite look. Lydia chose an elegant cathedral veil running all the way down her elegant ruffles




Their well-versed florist Mrs. Catherine Namibisia of classic functions calls it “the Steve decor”. No pinks or purples, apart from the ambient lighting.


Lydia says the white roses came by full trucks.


“it was glorious, unbelievable, beyond expectations and classic” the chic black and white theme turned into a glam fest with towers of white feather bouquets and pearl draping’s gracing the table set up.


IMG_4563 IMG_4593

He sang, “the one he kept for me” by Maurette Brown Clark as she made her graceful walk down the white carpet. She send a tear, her mom by her side, “she told me Lydia, you cannot smudge your make up now, I gathered myself back to the pretty blush and sang along with Steve”

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The whole event span around a musical theme, he sang for her, she danced for him. They made merry and made a party, did she have a problem with the maids adorning white? “No, you need to have an eye for style to understand white. Its classy and spectacular-we let them chose their style and design”

Venue: Safaripark Hotel

Decor : Classic Functions

Photography :Versatile Photographers

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