Kiunas’ daughter Vanessa weds Robert

Vanessa met Robert at a time when she wanted to concentrate on her education; they met at a hotel where they were both working as students abroad. For 9 months Vanessa and Robert were just friends and after the second anniversary he proposed to her. Vanessa told her dad Bishop Allan Kiuna about Robert “Vanessa had kept me abreast of what was happening between her and Robert and she would be telling me about how he is a great guy, we would spend hour asking her questions making sure that he really values the things she values, the way he treats her, the way she treats his mum, you can tell a guy by how she treats her mum and the more we talked the more I got to like the guy even if I had not met him. ”


Before Robert proposed to Vanessa he called her dad Bishop Allan Kiuna and asked for permission to propose to her daughter, Bishop Allan Kiuna could not refuse because of the humble approach Robert used.

Vanessa had a plan of having the wedding in Zanzibar with only 80 guests maximum until she got engaged and the reality dawned her, she was the first born and she would want to impress her parents. As Rev. Kathy puts it they would have wanted a guest list of 150 people but that was family alone, so they stretched little bit to 450 people to accommodate both family and friends.

Rev. Kathy was taking everything by herself; she didn’t have a planner until the Samantha’s Bridal came into the picture and proposed to her the usefulness of having a wedding worksheet which can be found inside Samantha’s Bridal Magazine. (Below is a sample of the budget worksheet get the actual worksheet in the Samantha’s Bridal Magazine which is available at our offices)

Budget Worksheet
Budget Worksheet

She knew the dress that she wanted and the designer. Her dress was worth every penny as she wanted it to be timeless and elegant; a dress that even her daughter would wear later. The silky dress was made of lace. She loved the emerald and green theme and because she didn’t want color mixes in her reception party all the invited guest were required to wear black and white.

The night before the wedding her mum cried she couldn’t believe that the day is finally here, her baby is actually getting married. Her mum was reflecting on how her baby was born and put in an incubator, suffering from jaundice.

The wedding was taking place at their residential home, they felt they had a beautiful home and compound and they were at liberty to host the wedding any way they want it with no restriction from any one. Everything was set by wedding eve and everyone relaxed. Rev. Kathy Kiuna said that mums should take part and get involved in their daughter’s wedding in terms of planning as this makes them feel loved and cared for.

The cake had a mixture of vanilla, red velvet and fruit cake.

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