Julliet And Sam

In the beginning

Picture a scene from Shakespeare, Romeo attending a ball in disguise at (Juliet) father’s house and her beauty mesmerizing him. Back to reality, there wasn’t a ball, but two lovebirds lost in their own world. Right from their first date, Sam and Juliet knew their destiny was enjoined. They had been introduced to each other by their relatives, and seemed to hit it off immediately…





… with much embarrassment, Juliet spots Romeo sheltered away in the bush and she goes…If that they bent of love be honorable/thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow” The goddess of love and romance actually proposed!

Meanwhile, Sam dropped the engagement gem in the champagne glass, quite daring! And just when she was about to place down the glass on her last sip, the precious gem caught her eye. She of course said yes.




Bridal fashion

She fit snugly into a Swarovski beaded Maggie Sortero gown with an embellished corded lace corset giving way to a tulle skirting purchased at The Bridal Collection Store in Denver. Her dark lustrous hair was set in loose bangs draping to the sides of her head and held back in diamante clips.


For that traditional mystery associated with the blushing bride, Juliet chose a birdcage-a wise choice given the elegance of her corset! Her garden style tied bouquet consisted of calla lilies tied with a silver netting and pearls.


The groom matched his exquisite bride in a Gary Taylor custom shirt and Ashton Grey shoes. Juliet completed her betrothed’s wardrobe with a surprise Michael Kors collection wristwatch right on the morning of the wedding.






Bridal party

Claire the bride’s younger sister, made the Maid of honor. She looked stunning in a Mori Lee ivory lace dress while the bridesmaid graced the celebration in carpet sweeping purple dresses from the same designer, to keep up with the color scheme, they custom designed a silver sash worn around the waist to match the hair piece and purple shoes. Juliet explains that they opted to dress the groomsmen just like the groom complete with the purple tie and lapel, ‘the flower girls looked dainty in white petal dresses by pretty flower girl and matched them in purple shoes.

We had our parent’s wedding wardrobe in mind from the start; our respective dads wore Michael Kors while mum was dressed and accessorized by Jacques Vert from the UK.”










Setting the dates

We chose a date that was most suitable and convenient for involved and interested parties.





Wedding traditions

Juliet and Sam had a dowry ceremony at her father’s place. Later on they had three pre wedding parties; in Kisumu, Kitale and a fundraiser evening party in Denver. “To keep up with the age old traditions, I also tossed my bouquet towards the end of my wedding reception and wished a ring on my single friends!”


Guest list

“Unlike is the common behavior in our Kenyan culture, we clearly spelt out the need for an RSVP for our invites. We sent out a total of three hundred and seventy invites and had about four hundred guests” Explains Sam, “Our out of town guests catered for their accommodation and hence chose where to stay” They put together a committee made up of friends who helped them through the wedding preps.




Countdown to the wedding

‘It was crazy, we were both so nervous. The days before the wedding looked dull and cloudy, we thought it would rain yet we had planned for a garden wedding.” Says Juliet in a tone to echo the worst of wedding day fears as Sam carries on, “I had been anticipating my bride for so long; not only was I looking forward to marrying the love of my life, but just seeing her walk in gracefully in the exquisite selection stirred something so deep in me.” From then on, everything weaved seamlessly into the next. The weather favored us, it was all bright and sunny through out the day.







Juliet and Sam said their vows in the background of the trickling fountains at the rustic Karen Country club. ‘We had personalized vows, it was expressive and deep from within. I believe you should not only vow as demanded by your spiritual order, but also by your well thought out and pre meditated words’

We wanted a relaxed picnic-style wedding. The setting was just perfect; it has pretty gardens and rolling lawns and is a really beautiful outdoor venue. Our florist decorated the venue in purples and silver to complete our theme.

While our guests returned to there pre wedding accommodation, we booked ourselves into the cottages for our first night. Instead of leaving immediately for our honeymoon, which was the initial plan, we cancelled the trip and decided to spend time with our guests and family before leaving for Colorado –where we settled after marriage.
































Any special advice to brides?

Giving yourself enough prep time ensures that you don’t have a last minute rush, have all duties listed down and shared out to avoid duplication and confusion.

Remember too that this is your event; you are the host. Create time to mingle with your guests, you can do this by starting your wedding early enough. This will allow your guests time enough to share in your excitement.

And so, with the lush fairways threading through the woodlands, and the fountains trickling in unison with the melodies of the birds, Juliet and Sam were declared Man and Wife!




Looking back, having involved both friends and family was a good decision. It was easier to coordinate with family back in Kenya as we did with our friends in the US, the result; a well balanced and thought out plan, leaving no one out.

Having both the ceremony and the reception in the same venue turned to be a cost saver both in logistics, finances and time.


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