Cate Weds Chris

In the beginning…

Events Guru Chris Kirwa could not help noticing the tall slender beauty with a glow on her dimple. Her beauty literally radiated the pavilion where he was auditioning for the ‘Reach the Stars’ Beauty Pageant. “There was something about her; “I can’t really place a finger on it. But Cate was different” Marvels Kirwa during the interview. Unfortunately for him, Cate was no easy catch, it was time to put his manly instincts to the test! And just like the mythological Greece Goddess of love, Cate dissolved back into the Venetian shell she’d emerged from, and drew the curtains on the incomplete scene!


Scene two: Samantha Bridal ‘All things Bride and Beautiful’ Wedding Expo called upon Kirwa’s expertise in choreographing the Fashion show and as fortune would have it, Cate was among the auditioning models, Goes Kirwa, ‘If a man is interested in a woman, there’s no way you’ll let her slip through your fingers for a second time. I had ten days with her on the walkway of the Samantha Bridal Wedding Expo, and by the time the last designer showcased; Cate and I had just made our infant steps into a happily ever after’


Cate remembers

We had been together for six year, all along he kept dropping hints. I knew we were headed to the altar, but I didn’t have a date! Then in our sixth year, he decided it was time to take the walk. Kirwa confesses to breaking the timeless traditions of proposing on a bended knee, “She saw it coming” He retaliates “Every now and then I’d drop the hints. I wanted to be real with her from day one”Nonetheless, Cate said yes to every little hint, which culminated in a Kamba traditional engagement ceremony at her father’s home. The colorful ceremony saw the two exchange rings and cross dates for their wedding.


The plan

With years of experience in showbiz and expertise in events security, one would think Chris and Cate would have a smooth ride down the lane to matrimony. But as Chris puts it, ‘Kinyozi hajinyoi’ a Swahili saying loosely translated to a doctor not administering own treatment; “unlike in the corporate world, weddings are very emotional and detailed too, my colleagues asked Cate to watch out lest I treat the wedding as another assignment”


The couple decided against recruiting a committee, opting to call in a suppliers meeting. Unlike many grooms, he took the main role of the planner; deciding to tag his fiancée as The Client. He recounts on how treating his own wedding as an assignment would almost lead him to forget his major role as the groom! The couple celebrated their wedding at the Nairobi Royal Golf Club, ‘we chose the venue because it has an amazing façade and an intimate feel,’ says Cate. Set up embarked three days ahead of the D-day; the mega dome would host about six hundred of their guests. Chris reported on site throughout the set up red carpet walk way and a double raised podium for the altar. The guests sat on red and white upholstered chiavari chairs while the main table set up consisted of vintage white coffee tables.


Fashion and theme

Cate’s love for the Indian oriented fashion is evident in her daily and occasional wardrobe, and for the sake of that special touch and personal hint they both settled for the traditional Indian wedding colors; red for life and love and gold, a color of wealth and abundance. Her bridesmaids wore red and white saris, and the groomsmen matched in complimenting sherwans. While Chris looked suave and sharp in a black tuxedo over a crisp white shirt, Cate looked every inch exquisite in a pearl embroidered mermaid dress as she walked down the aisle in her father’s arms. She matched the gown with a fingertip veil, and a detachable train.Later on, both bride and groom swapped the Western Look for a more ceremonial Indian style. Cate went for a light golden shimmer in an Indian Sari, while Chris wore his sherwan complete with a red page.




Guest List

The party consisted of A-list names in event and media circles including Jalang’o, DNG, Muchiri of the Buzz Magazine, Big Ted-who was the Day’s Emcee, Phillip Mwaniki, Terry Mungai The founder –Ashley’s Beauty, Mbuvi of Kwata Kawaya fame, Wyre the lovechild, Carol Odero of True Love, and Dr. Catherine Masitsa of Samanthas Bridal.Their invite- only six hundred guests were housed in the marquee, while family and friends in the Diaspora followed the proceedings on e-stream.


Reception and Ceremony


The guests had an exclusive treat to Kirwa’s fun side as he danced to the jumpy beats of the popular Kikuyu song, ‘Sudu’ on the long walk to the altar Pastor Morris of JCC finally joined them in Holy Matrimony, and Big Ted took over as the event’s Mcee. Away from the Royal Nairobi Golf Club, Cate and Chris plus their bridal party took a drive to the Wilson Airport for a memorable photo session. She grabbed the moment to switch from the white pearl embedded dress and the tuxedo to a more relaxed Indian outfit; easing up on their dance back at the reception.


Rose of Primaflora did a marvelous job by placing counts of potted plants randomly between the tables, thus adding to the lush garden feel under the fairy lights.The menu consisted of Indian, Western and local fusion; from the Indian Nan to the Kalenjine fermented milk-mursik.



The couple took a four day holiday at the exclusive Amani-Tiwi Resort in South Coast.Immediately after their Coastal honeymoon, Chris and Cate did a post honeymoon photo shoot with their wedding Photographer Versatile Photography, ‘It was fun, unchoreographed…a happy-go-lucky feel good shot’


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Photography:Versatile Photographers

Video: Protel Studios

Venue: Nairobi Golf Club


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