Carol and Nganga

Our friends came through for us in a very honorable and memorable way, we wanted just a simple con­temporary wedding, they moved it a notch higher by bringing in their expertise in different fields; from photography to transport and planning. Key point here, embrace teamwork and appreciate a hand in aid.

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Splashed on: The food, it’s the very reason you invite your guests! I’d rather walk on a petal-les aisle and have my guests’ leave the reception happy, after all…you invite on own accord and so should be to your ability.

Saved on: We saved on quite a number of aspects; our friends allowed us to use their cars so we didn’t have to hire while the decorator who also happens to be a close friend helped us with the planning. The venue was quite affordable, while I hired my gown from a friend-this allowed me to have my dress yet save on budget! Photography and videography was also a great discounted fa­vor from one our colleagues since we are in video production.

Top Tips: Spend as much as you can afford in a wedding…. if most vendors were to be honest, it’s hard to tell different packages (weddings) apart. List well your priorities and have the key interests at heart then set to enjoy the day.

Take things easy, it is just a celebra­tion of your life-long commitment to your love. You will find out it’s the small things that really count; like your family and your friends!




Venue: African Evangelistic Enterprise-Karen

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