“My greatest wish was to have my mum walk me down the aisle on my big day”, says Flavia Naggayi

For a bride, the walk down the aisle is always a touching part of her big day. In most instances, tradition dictates that it’s the bride’s father who walks her down aisle during the wedding ceremony. But what if you don’t have a great relationship with your father? Or he passed away before your wedding day? Or what if you just don’t want an escort? Worse, what if tradition prohibits that one person you want to walk you down the aisle from doing so?

For Flavvia Naggayi, having he mother walk her down the aisle was her greatest battle as in the Baganda culture, women are not supposed to do so. However, she finally got her wish  and here are photos of her dream wedding with Russell Akuom:


pic 8




























pic 4



























pic 1





















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pic 6

















pic 10

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