Small and beautiful is what KAZURI means. True to the description it is a heavenly space of beautiful beaded accessories and pottery. Every piece is hand crafted to bring to life African inspired beauty with the best quality in mind.

Colour is the new royal; a ceramic necklace will give your wedding gown that edge. On the wedding day everyone must look bright and better yet colourful. Well, sometimes you want something valuable for your bridal team to carry home. Your bridesmaids could use a good quality bracelet or necklace.

The kitchen also needs a good theme, how about the almighty Kenyan wild life? At Kazuri 2000 Ltd. Artistic skills have been merged with ceramic knowledge to create unique attractive pottery-ware that will be perfect for your kitchen. This will also be a perfect wedding gift for a friend.


Kazuri is a course that goes beyond business and beauty; it’s existence was propelled by the need to provide employment for women especially single mothers around Nairobi who are in dire need of employment. The factory has a clinic that provides medical services for its employees and their immediate family. It also absorbs 80% of medical bills for treatment received outside the factory clinic.

Its workforce has grown immensely now supplying its products across 20 countries worldwide. Each piece is hand made and hand painted in rich colours that reflect Kenyan cultures and wildlife. Kazuri’s range is extensive; from individual collector pieces to dinnerware.

Kazuri’s products are top quality; positioning it favourably amongst competitors internationally. Make your wedding a colourful African adventure.

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